10 Best Crafting Video Games, Ranked


Crafting games can be some of the most relaxing games imaginable and also some of the most challenging. They offer a lot of variety to players and that’s a big part of why so many people love them. The crafting experience can allow players to explore their creativity and create some of the most beautiful structures imaginable. However, crafting experience can also take the form of boosting a player’s character.


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However people choose to play these games, they reign supreme as some of the most delicious. These are the best the genre has to offer based on their ability to expel wonder from their players.


11 Don’t starve together

Don’t Starve Together has a lot of crafting systems that stem from what the game’s name suggests – not starving. This forces players to craft different foods that give them different benefits. The crafting options in this game might seem endless as the game offers around 19 crafting tabs.

The game has so much to do. Many gamers find themselves spending hundreds of hours on it because it’s an easy game to pick up and get lost in.

ten No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is an example of how a game can be turned completely upside down. When this game first came out, everyone thought the developer had picked up the money and got away with it. This game has basically infinite gameplay. It has 18 quintillion planets which are all procedurally generated as well as the life on them.

Players will never have two experiences on two identical planets. The resources that are gathered are also unique and the crafting system that has been added to the game creates a lot of extra fun for the experience.

9 Raft

The sense of expansion in Raft is part of what makes the game such a gem. Players start on a small platform made of wooden planks in a huge ocean, then start getting more items to craft a bigger raft that soon becomes as big as a boat. When the player unlocks a speed camera, the game begins to introduce an engaging story. Exploring different coordinates allows players to unlock new playable characters and resources.


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The only problem with the game is that the consumption options on normal difficulty can sometimes feel like a huge drag in the early game. That’s the only problem, as exploration between the sea and the islands seems frequent enough to keep players hooked on the game for quite some time.

8 The forest

The Forest is a crafting game that mixes great elements of survival horror. There are many other survival horror games out there, but none are as terrifying as this one. The threat of mutated creatures attacking the player or their friends, if they are in co-op, is constant. Players will need to build fortified bases to try and ensure they don’t get trapped and murdered by enemies.

The game also interweaves a beautiful in-game story that progresses through the player exploring horrific caverns. There are lots of enemies and lots of different buildings and defenses for these buildings to craft.

seven Rust

Rust has come an extremely long way since it was first released in 2013. There are now hundreds of craftable items, and the gameplay has changed significantly. The game includes different missions around the map with NPC enemies. Players can choose to work together or kill each other on the massive servers the game has.


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One of the best things about Rust is being able to join a big clan and engage in all-out war against another clan. Looting bases at night and catching people off guard is also fun. Overall the game is amazing but doesn’t leave a lot of options for single player play.

6 terrariums

Terraria has one of the largest lists of craftable items in games. It’s endless. That’s part of the fun of this game. There are so many items players can use. There are pickaxes and then drills. Some weapons give the impression of being in a fantasy setting, as well as those that seem to be in the future. Building a nice house for NPCs to come to stay and play with your friends is peaceful.

In-game crafting works great with the exploration aspect as many items allow players to travel deeper into their procedurally generated world. It’s one of those games that players can always come back to for a good dose of entertainment.

5 Valheim

Valheim took inspiration from many other crafting games and decided to add a crawler dungeon RPG experience to it. The game mixes crafting with survival and exploration in a way that intrigues the player. The game does a good job of adding direction and motive to the player as there are big boss battles for the player to go to.


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The boss fights and aspects of having to build a house and then grow strong enough to kill a boss are enjoyable. This makes players transient throughout the game and builds new houses as bosses are located in different biomes.

4 Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is a lot like Rust if Rust allowed players to tame and ride giant prehistoric creatures. Crafting starts with what seem like basic building resources like wood, but as players continue playing more futuristic building blocks are unlocked.

One of the great things about this game is the ability to make the single player mode work for any type of player. This allows people who don’t have much time to play games to be able to have a great experience taming new mounts and fighting different bosses on different islands.

3 Subnautical

The best part of Subnautica is its setting. Since its release, there hasn’t been another game that takes an underwater setting and turns it into something as vivid as Subnautica. Crafting works all around being underwater. There are many beautiful areas to build large and beautiful bases. Creating larger vehicles to move through underwater areas is spectacular.

The level of detail in this game and the implementation of craftsmanship is spot on. The game is never boring as players continually unlock new tools to use to collect or craft new materials. It’s also gruesome with giant sea creatures roaming the depths of the ocean.

2 Minecraft

Minecraft is another one of those games that deserves every ounce of praise it receives. Crafting in this game is on a completely different level. Players can build their worlds which are specific to whatever they want. The game works well online where there are countless servers to explore, but it works well offline as well.

The amount there is to do in this game in single player mode or at home with a friend is mystifying. Players can craft in search of the ender dragon to beat the game or explore resources to build nice bases with what they find if they want to relax. This game has it all and has changed the way people view crafting games a lot.


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