10 Best Video Game Redditors Put A Thousand Hours In


Battle royales, live-service titles, and massive MMORPGs naturally lend themselves to countless hours of gameplay; and with Monitor 2 and Splaton 3 recently released with an overwhelming amount of game modes and content for fans to enjoy, it seems like many big franchises are claiming to be the next big gamer addiction.

Of course, in addition to these newer titles, there are also huge established games likeLeague of Legends, Fortniteand civil which have dedicated playerbases, with Redditors claiming they’ve easily put in over 1000 hours on these games.


Rust (2018)

First released in Early Access in 2013, Rust has grown steadily ever since, and it’s no surprise that some gamers have become addicted to the sheer amount of content in the game over the years. As a multiplayer survival game where the player starts with almost nothing, Rust compels them to give their all if they are to thrive in its world of near limitless potential.

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As Redditor 8s happen says it, “1,000 hours in Rust is just the blink of an eye.” Just like other creative survival games, there’s almost always a new goal to focus on just when the player’s interest wanes and that means time can easily slip away as a result. Unlike other titles, servers are regularly completely wiped, forcing players to start from scratch and start over.

World of Warcraft (2004)

There are few games more instantly associated with absurdly high playtime numbers than World of WarcraftBlizzard’s massive MMORPG that almost seemed dangerously addictive for gamers at the height of its popularity. Editor EPLIW is far from alone when they admit their playing time amounts to “well over 1000 hours”.

Several factors play an important role in why World of Warcraft seems to keep players invested for so long. One is the fact that it’s basically an endless game where there will always be more missions to complete no matter how long the player spends clearing them. Another important factor is the social element, as online communities can have a powerful appeal.

Fortnite (2017)

While Battle Royals’ gameplay model, which focuses on lots of loot and prep, short bursts of gratification, and instantly starting a new game after death doesn’t work for everyone, this is the one which can quietly end up exhausting a lot of time. without the player noticing for those who become addicted.

Editor triples_de_la_nova agree that Fortnite absorbed 1000 hours of their time, saying they “started playing to bond with my sons during the COVID lockdown”. The lockdown meant a lot more free time to play for many and, with the social aspect that battle royales can also benefit from, it probably meant that a lot of people found themselves wasting hundreds of hours for the cartoonish multiplayer game.

Tetris (1984)

Longevity is a big factor in whether a game can keep the gamer hooked for 1000 hours or more and nowhere is that truer than with Tetristhe simple puzzle game that’s been released an absurd number of times on a ton of different platforms since its original release in 1984.

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Thanks to newer versions like Tetris: effect and Tetris 99 on Switch, which turned the block-stacking game into a unique sensory experience and a battle royale respectively, it’s no surprise that we Editor started “measuring my playing time in months, not hours”. Ultimately, there’s an incredibly satisfying gameplay mechanic at the center of it all that means Tetris will never get old.

Although there really is Sprawling RPGs that take a very long time to beatthe fact that games are generally driven by a central campaign or narrative means that they rarely turn into thousand-hour experiences except for the most dedicated players. Skyrim might be a big exception to that.

It’s not just because the game has a huge world, lots of quests, and lots of replayability either. Editor DonationsLayerIsFull explains that “there are so many mods out there, and getting something decent requires a bit of leveling up”. Fan-created content has allowed many gamers to invest in Skyrim long past the end of an RPG’s usual lifespan, and for some it easily lasted them over 1000 hours.

Oversight (2016)

Aplayers get used to everything changes Monitor 2 provided for the massive hero-based shooter, it’s worth remembering how the original consumed gamers everywhere when it hit its peak of popularity. Editor Lafathe Gafa is a player who says he “had exactly 1000 hours when he retired the original”.

Surveillance thrived on ease of pick-up, while the wide variety of game modes, heroes, and different ways to play meant that every game could always feel different, even to an experienced player. Along with the competitive element that will always be addictive for gamers of a serious nature, it was a winning formula that the sequel hopes to emulate.

League of Legends (2009)

Although it says something about the nature of a game, players admit that they have 1000 hours in League of Legends are often greeted with condolences, it is undeniable that many people have devoted a lot of time to it. Editor CalmDragonFly57 was one of those who said they had “easily over 1000+ hours”.

Focused on traditional 5v5 Moba gameplay, League of Legends has maintained its insane popularity thanks in part to its constant efforts to update the game with even more champions to add to its massive pool as well as balance changes to keep things fresh. Perhaps its biggest waste of time is the ranked solo queue, which, despite being infamous for its often demoralizing nature, still keeps millions invested.

Rim World (2013)

For gamers who enjoy it, few playstyles are more engrossing than management and construction simulations that balance the simple satisfaction of growing and accomplishing small goals with the intensity of balancing so many elements. Even so, there is usually a limit to how long a player can spend in such a game before exhausting most of the entertainment value.

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With RimWorld, however, the sheer amount of possibilities as well as the intelligent AI storyteller that always throws crazy new challenges in the player’s path ensure that this is not a problem. Editor Fallen Fae comments that the game “sucks me in for MONTHS at a time”. The constantly high stakes and challenges mean it can become an obsession like no other.

Runescape (2001)

Few MMORPGs can claim to have maintained an active community and fan base for as long as Runescape and it’s a testament to the addictive nature of the original fantasy concept that many of its fans prefer Old School RuneScape despite the simplified graphics and more basic mechanics.

Grinding is at the heart of Runescape and it’s practically a full-time job for those who take the game seriously. Editor Izmona jokes that having 1000 hours in the game would be “just finishing the beginning of the game”. Luckily, there can be simple satisfaction in grinding and completing a goal and the game also rewards the player for their efforts.

Civilization V (2010)

A lot has changed throughout the history of Sid Meier’s hugely popular strategy series, but one thing that has remained constant is the addictive nature of the gameplay. Editor Death2admins admits it took over 1000 hours of their time and quotes the famous phrase “just one more turn” which has become synonymous with civil.

Ultimately, this is what makes it so easy to waste so much time in the game because there are always new options, alliances, threats, and ways forward to entice the player to see the next trick. With an incredible amount of options and different ways to win, Civilization V also has a ton of replayability, which is impressive for a game where a normal playthrough can easily last 10 hours.

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