10 cozy video games to keep gardeners going until spring


Life simulation video games have been around since the 1980s. The first publicly available life simulation game, known as Little computer scientists, released in 1985 for the Commodore 64 computer. Players control characters in the game by entering commands, and Few computer scientists is cited as having shaped the mold for the many virtual life simulation games to follow. From digital pets to detailed political simulations to cozy social simulations, these games allow the player to immerse themselves in an imaginary world.

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Most of the best-known social sims are comfortable sims that allow players to manage their own gardens, islands, etc. Players can customize their homes and properties while making meaningful connections with the residents of the surrounding town. Since these games often condense the seasons into a single, actual day or week, anyone who misses the beautiful spring air can get their fill in the world of video games.

ten Players manage their own farm and build relationships in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, players travel to their grandfather’s old farmhouse after becoming disillusioned with everyday modern life. With nothing but a few old, used tools, it’s up to the player to restore their family’s old farmhouse to its former glory.

Each of the Stardew Valley the seasons, minus the winter, come with their own assortment of nearly a dozen unique crops. Players can enjoy the seasonal feeling of planting strawberries in the spring, melons in the summer, and pumpkins in the fall. Besides farming, there’s also mining, combat, fishing, and foraging to help keep players busy.

9 The garden path lives and breathes in real time

Many simulation games run on their own in-game clocks, with time generally passing much faster than in the real world. Others, like garden path, seek to replicate a more authentic experience by linking the growth of plants in the game to the passage of time in the real world.

The garden path progresses even when players are offline. This makes it a perfect choice for those who don’t have a lot of free time and just want to plant and water their seeds before seeing how they will eventually flower.

8 Rebuilding post-apocalyptic farmland in my time in Portia

Inspired by the magic of Studio Ghibli, My time at Portia takes players through the process of rebuilding the dilapidated, post-apocalyptic city of Portia. It’s up to the players, armed with nothing but their father’s old manual and workbench, to help the townspeople restore Portia to its former glory.

My time at Portia has a robust farming system, including upgrades to help streamline the process of maintaining his farm, such as automatic irrigation systems and planters. In addition to growing crops and raising animals, players can even use the animals they raise as mounts to traverse Portia.

seven Enjoy life with adorable villagers in the Animal Crossing series

The animal crossing has captured the hearts of fans since the first game was released in 2001. Each title offers a unique experience, from being a humble villager in the original to being the mayor of the town of New sheet. New Horizons, the newest and most popular entry, allows players to fully customize their own island getaway.

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Whereas animal crossing doesn’t have a traditional gardening system, there’s a ton of complexity to be found in the series’ flower system. By growing certain types of flowers next to each other, players can grow special hybrid flowers, with additional colors not available through any other method.

6 Grow a Pot of Succulents in Viridi

Those looking for a relaxing game to satisfy their on-the-go green thumb will find it in Viridi. Available for PC and mobile platforms, Viridi is a simple game where players slowly grow their own pot of succulents.

The Steam page for Viridi markets the game as “a haven, a place you can come back to for a moment of peace and quiet whenever you need it”. It’s free to play, with the only in-game purchases being extra seeds. Players also receive a free random seed every week, so it’s not a necessary purchase by any means.

The classic and beloved harvest moon the series got a new lease of life with the release of Story Of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. The name may be different, but all the charm of this heavy gardening life sim is still there. story of the seasons was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans.

While building their farms, players have the option of crafting tools to help them, such as automatic plant watering systems or animal feeders. There are both seasonal and year-round crops, with an impressive total of ninety-six different plants for players to discover, sow, and harvest.

4 Ooblets is a charming mix of Harvest Moon and Pokemon

Ooblets will feel familiar to fans of series such as harvest moon and pokemon, but it puts its own unique twists on these familiar concepts. Instead of catching Ooblets in the wild, players grow them from seeds, and instead of fighting one-on-one, Ooblets fight using Dance Battles as a medium.

Players start with a small abandoned farmhouse which they breathe life into as they progress, building their own team of Ooblets as they go. The unique angle of building your team from tiny seeds in the ground is one that helps players feel more connected to their companions. This unique take on the monster-catching genre is sure to please gardening enthusiasts.

3 Bring the Magic Back to Disney’s Dreamlight Valley Kingdom

Although it’s still in Early Access, fans had a blast with it. Disney’s Dream Valley of Lights. A mysterious curse known as The Forgetting has gripped the valley, altering villagers’ memories and causing dark thorns to grow throughout the town.

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It’s up to players to restore the city’s long-lost magic, with gardening being one of the best methods to do so. By growing crops and selling them to Goofy or using them as ingredients in more expensive dishes, players can then use their hard-earned coin to buy decorations for the town, an incredibly satisfying loop.

2 Fans of the occult will love the bizarre horticulture

strange horticulture is a unique and charming simulation game for gardening and occult fans. Players take on the role of the horticulturist, spending their days tending to their shop’s customers, while finding and identifying all kinds of plants in their spare time.

Players will need to use the clues they find during their explorations, as well as their trusty encyclopedia, to identify the plants they encounter and their unique effects. These can be downright deadly in some cases, such as hallucinogens and poisons, and players can use the knowledge they gain to greatly affect the outcome of the story.

1 Staxel is a cute farm builder with a Minecraft-like charm

Although it may look like Minecraft, Staxel is undeniably its own unique experience. It’s up to the player, a newcomer to town, to turn their dilapidated home and reclaimed farmland into a thriving and bustling garden.

Along with regular crops, players can also grow bushes and fruit trees, and there are even methods to get special golden crops. One of at Staxel The best features are the ability to share their farm with multiple friends or become neighbors each tending to their own fields via online multiplayer.

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