10 Most Improved Remastered Video Games, According To Reddit

With The Last of Us Part I After earning a remake due out September 2, attention is returning to the beloved game and its sequel. Still, while fans are excited to see the game remastered once more, some are concerned that it might not offer much improvement over the original.

After all, there have been plenty of remasters over the years that offer little to the gaming experience outside of graphical improvement and access to next-gen consoles. Still, there are remastered games that really enhance the gaming experience to an incredible degree.


Every time there is a Solid metal gear release, fans tend to have high hopes and expectations. However, when Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence came out, fans thought it was even better than they could have predicted. With a new online feature involving several different modes, the remaster has revitalized the game.

Best of all, the game offered a new camera that fans loved. “Adding the 3rd person camera is Phone an improvement that makes it feel like a new game,” says a Reddit user Raze321. Just offering this new perspective was enough to make the game feel fresh, while the graphical and motion overhauls helped ensure the camera was supported by the gameplay.

Tomb Raider Anniversary

A game flush with hidden details, Tomb Raider Anniversary remakes the first game in the franchise, while giving fans better graphics and a much smoother experience. “It kept all the nostalgia of the original while modernizing the engine,” says Redditor SoneEv. “It was a real gift.”

Given that it was released 11 years after the original, it was certainly a much-needed remake, but the remaster also offered enhanced story development, such as Lara showing genuine remorse over Larson’s death. . This made her a more cunning and capable protagonist, while helping to humanize her to more modern audiences.

Metroid: Mission Zero

Although generally considered a speedrun franchise, Metroid: Mission Zero remastered the original metroid for a new audience. “It took an old game that, compared to other Nintendo games, didn’t age well at all, and made it one of the best titles in the GBA, which is no small feat considering the incredible library he had,” says a Reddit user. DP9A.

With a new story, new areas, and new difficulty modes, the game offered a new experience that left fans wanting more. Nintendo could have just re-released the game with some graphical improvements, but instead it revitalized a franchise and turned it into the beloved game series it is today.

Pokémon HeartGold / SoulSilver

One of the greatest RPGs yet to release in 2022, the Pokemon the franchise is loved for a reason. But the 2009 HeartGold and SoulSilver The releases proved that the franchise was always ready to offer innovation, even on old products. Offering new features like Pokéathlon and Pokémon Following Owner, it revitalized games while giving new players the chance to experience the franchise’s oldest games.

HeartGold and SoulSilver also offered new “Graphics, tons of new Pokemon, a bunch of added post-game content and legendaries, you still have two whole regions (16 whole gyms) to battle, the red battle has amazing music, and your Pokémon can follow you out of their Pokéball,“says the Reddit user Raze321. Anyone who loves the series would love the game, which made it even more enjoyable.

Persona 4: Golden

One of the best games in Character franchise, Persona 4: Golden offered some amazing additions that kept fans playing for years. While the original game was amazing and the developers could have easily done with a few graphical improvements, instead they completely remade the game and added some fantastic features.

“New opening, more characters, more social connections, new events, new animated scenes, new music, new locations, and one of the best endings I’ve ever seen,” says the user of Reddit XLeProtagonistX. Even that doesn’t mention quality of life improvements, like the ability to skip scenes. It made the game easy to play, which always helps.

Final Fantasy XII: Age of the Zodiac

With some major graphical improvements, the ability to support two tasks at once, and much faster load times, Final Fantasy XII: Age of the Zodiac improved on everything fans could have asked for from the original Final Fantasy XII Release. Some missions have also been simplified to create an easier experience for players.

“They took everything that was great about the game, tweaked it a bit, toned down some of the frustrating RNG aspects of the game, and gave you the option to speed up time,” the Reddit user says. Adamtess. After all, Final Fantasy XII is one of the best Final Fantasy games, so even if there was not much to improve, Zodiac age found a way.

Spyro revived the trilogy

Over the years, many gamers have longed to come back and play the little purple dragon of their childhood. With the release of Spyro Reignited, they finally got that chance back, and it was the best thing a remaster could be. After all, it felt like the nostalgic game people remember without having any of the downsides of old games.

“One of the most faithful and polished remakes I’ve seen overall,” says Redditor Clbull. “Even the elements that I didn’t like at first (like the Sheila redesign) grew on me.” Offering three games in one, and an incredible improvement in gameplay and graphics, there is no doubt that it has added a lot to the spyro live.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2x

By combining the first two Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games, while offering new courses and a motion blur mode that added realistic immersion to the game. It also managed to give some old courses a new feel by improving customization and grind meter.

“Without doubt the best version of the game, 2x adds better graphics and performance, as well as the entirety of THPS 1 (and 5 new levels) as a bonus”, says Redditor Cheese head0411. Although the game is old enough that most fans have forgotten about it over the years, it’s still an amazing game that has done a great job of improving the originals for a new generation.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

Although it did not feature any of the franchise’s multiplayer modes, UnexploredThe remaster managed to perfectly capture the essence of the games. “Not only did they launch three games for the price of one, but they also made some changes to areas of each game that were their weak spots, originally,” Redditor explains. TemptCiderFan.

The visuals were amazing and the gameplay even better, but the timing of the game was the best part. After all, it came out just before the final game in the Nathan Drake Saga, making it a perfect way for fans to catch up on the story before. The end of a thief. The story, however, was the best feature, and reintroducing it with a more playable setting was a brilliant touch.

The shadow of the colossus

The visuals and the framework of The shadow of the colossus have always been central to the franchise, so the improvements offered in the remake were, as described by Reddit user Dianysus“Breathtaking, and in my opinion, improved upon the base of the original game.”

While the story and gameplay remained the same, the core of the game was already practically perfect, which made the improvements offered in the remake so striking. You could finally see the dark reality offered in the presented world, and the mood perfectly encapsulated the interest of the series and the struggles of each player. It was everything a remaster should be, as it captured the reality of the original, while offering improvements to nearly every aspect of the experience.

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