10 scary video games to play after watching Halloween end


The (potential) conclusion of the Halloween the franchise has arrived. Halloween ends concludes Jamie Lee Curtis’ run as Scream Queen Laurie Strode, younger sister of Michael Myers – capping her seven appearances in the series of 11 Halloween movies (13 if you count the Rob Zombie reboot series).

After watching the movie, horror fans will probably want to scare. Luckily, there are tons of scary games out there that have many of the same elements that make Halloween such a gruesome, compelling and addictive horror series.


The Quarry: For a Great Horror Story

Released earlier in 2022, The career centers around a summer camp where a family afflicted by a werewolf curse selects counselors, one by one. The game is part of pick and choose adventure, survival horror and creepy.

What makes the game so cool is that the end can happen in different ways. Depending on the choices made and game performance, all advisors may die, or live, or a mixture of both. Adding to the game’s appeal is a talented voice cast including David Arquette, Brenda Song, Ariel Winter, and more.

Until Dawn: For a Game That Looks Like a Horror Movie

Made by Supermassive Games, the same studio that would go on to make The career2015 Until dawn is an interactive story game about a group of teenagers who visit a remote cabin. Naturally, all hell breaks loose and it’s up to the players to save the teenagers.

The game also pays homage to horror classics and gives many nods to the genre throughout (including Halloween), and a fantastic cast of famous video game voices, including Rami Malek and Hayden Panettiere, really bring the story to life.

Dead By Daylight: Really Being Michael Myers

You could say that Dead in broad daylight is currently the most popular horror game. In the 4 V 1 game, one player is tasked with being the killer, while the other four are desperate to escape with their lives. It combines the team element of games like left for dead with the horror of franchises like Survive to.

Even better, in recent years the game has started adding new skins and maps inspired by horror classics like Scream, Seenand of course, Halloween. The Halloween Downloadable content for Dead in broad daylight gives players Michael Myers for a Killer, Laurie Strode for a Survivor, and a new map: Haddonfield, IL.

Friday the 13th: The Game: For Another Slasher Classic

Many fans of Halloween are probably fans of the horror genre as a whole. That is why Friday 3: the game is an excellent choice. Its multiplayer mode is similar to dead in broad daylight, except this time players can kill as the iconic Jason Voorhees. Also, in the Ultimate Slasher Edition of the game, there are additional game modes.

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Along with asymmetrical multiplayer battles, there’s also a story mode where players control Jason as he’s tasked with killing various NPCs in different environments, which is great form to train newcomers who want some practice. before joining an online game.

Firewatch: For that feeling of being hunted

So much horror in Halloween comes from this feeling of being hunted. Michael Myers appears hiding behind the shrubbery or lingering in the hanging laundry, for example, and that helped create the tension the film is so known for.

In fire watch, players are tasked with managing a remote watchtower in a secluded state forest, making this a wonderful video game for those who want to get away from it all in nature. Although, as the game progresses, it turns on the forest, it might not be that remotely, since someone is clearly hiding in the woods. In this choice-based story game, the tension is always high, making for a surprisingly scary and gripping game. Also, dropping players in the middle of the woods, alone, helps make the game downright scary at times.

Heavy Rain: For a New Slasher Story

While the classics are great, it’s also good to hear new horror stories – and Heavy rain definitely delivers. In this story-driven adventure game, a serial killer is on the loose and his MO must strike during times of heavy rain.

Dark, gritty, and terrifying, it’s a fresh, unique, and powerful horror tale well worth playing. It is also critically acclaimed, having been nominated for numerous Game of the Year awards upon its initial release in 2010.

Monstrum: for the thrill of the hunt

For horror fans who love the epic finales of the Halloween movies, where he turns into a total godsend, run for your life or die, Freak is an excellent choice. In the game, players are trapped on a cargo ship. The only problem is that there is also a monster on it and it kills everything in sight.

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The game gives players the freedom to try to fight, stall, run, hide, and even outwit the monster, giving players a chance to use some creativity. More, Freak is randomly generated, so each time a new round starts, the monster is different, and the ship is different, which makes it totally impossible to prepare in advance. It’s a purely horrifying and crazy pursuit.

PS: The game is notoriously difficult.

Resident Evil: Because it’s the ultimate horror franchise

Halloween might be the goat of the horror movie world, but resident Evil is easily its counterpart in the field of video games. Both franchises are legendary and acclaimed, both have released over a dozen entries throughout their respective runs, and both have an enduring quality about them – a certain spark that keeps fans coming back for more. .

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And while resident Evil is about zombies and Halloween is about a (potentially demonic) serial killer, the two still have a lot in common. Big tension, scary jumps and a slew of Scream Queen protagonists – from Claire Redfield to Laurie Strode, Jill Valentine and Jamie Lloyd.

Halloween: to get a taste of a real Halloween game

Although not officially for sale, this fan-made game can be downloaded from its websiteand it became a favorite on YouTube and Twitch, racking up millions of views.

In the game, players take on a fairly simple task: guarding Tommy on Halloween. But soon after, Michael Myers bursts in and the game becomes a horrible stealth-based scarefest. Players are even forced to hide in the bedroom closet, just like Laurie in the original movie. It’s a scary, well-made fan game that can hopefully see a proper release one day.

Borderlands: Learn More Jamie Lee Curtis

In general, Halloween fans are Jamie Lee Curtis fans too – the two go hand in hand. And those fans are about to get a huge treat next year with the Borderlands film.

Curtis has been cast as the self-absorbed and conniving (but absolutely hilarious) Dr. Tannis, and she’ll be joined by an all-star cast including Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and more. Replaying the series, or at least the first game, would be a great way to prepare for the next movie.

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