10 Video Game Writers Feel Like They “Missed The Boat”


November 18, 2022 will finally see the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple, introducing the world to the ninth generation of Pokémon. When a franchise has been growing and developing for so long, it’s only natural for some players to think they’ve missed their chance to get on board, and now maybe it’s too late.

Pokemon is far from the only franchise or game with this problem, with other huge ones including the Assassin’s Creed series and Skyrim both of which have become huge phenomena that not everyone has managed to grasp in time. A lot of Redditors have felt this about certain games and these are some of their top picks.


Harvest Moon / Story of the Seasons

Since the very first harvest moon game for the Super Nintendo, the story of the seasons has become one of the best titles when it comes to light farming games with social and RPG elements. Unfortunately, there’s a big reason why Redditors love Bitter_Disaster6446 feel like they missed their chance to get in the game.

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It is the existence of Stardew Valleythe excellent pixel-art indie game that has exactly the same goal but with a lot more user-friendly and quality-of-life features that make story of the seasons “really difficult to appreciate” in comparison. While the story of the seasons series continues to develop in its own way, it’s hard to invest when both options exist.

Assassin’s Creed

With Assassin’s Creed Valhalla launching the series to new heights and exciting projects underway, including the intriguingly stripped down Assassin’s Creed Mirage and the mysterious Assassin’s Creed Infinity project, there’s arguably never been a better time to be a fan of the franchise.

It might also be a little too overwhelming for a foreigner. Editor Kithyen comments that the Assassin’s Creed the games “look fun but I’ve never had time to play a single one.” The series alone has 12 main series titles, some spanning over 100 hours, and it would be much easier to figure it all out if the player had been invested from the start.

dark souls

Ring of Elden was easily one of the biggest releases of 2022 and since the game has lived up to the hype so perfectly, there is renewed interest in the dark souls trilogy that preceded it. The devilishly difficult games are often ranked among the best action RPGs ever made by fans, but it’s understandable that some gamers think they’ve missed their chance to enjoy them.

Editor The_mailmancer is one such player and comments that since they “finished my trial phase” they have most likely lost their chance to enter a series notorious for its difficulty. Although that hasn’t stopped many from enjoying Ring of Eldenthe added disadvantage of the age and relative clumsiness of the dark souls games mean many will just accept that they missed out.


With the release of Elder Scrolls 6 apparently still in a lifetime, it’s hard to believe it’s been a little over a decade since Skyrim first exploded in popularity, far surpassing Oversight and Morrowwind, and gained the massive status it still enjoys today. When he was at his peak, Skyrim was a must-watch, so it’s no surprise that many still recommend it to newcomers to the series.

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Editor xXSkeletonQueenXx was one of those latecomers and found that despite enjoying The Elder Scrolls Online, they “just can’t bring myself to play them” because “they’re older and clumsier”. Even special editions can’t hide the age of the game and that unfortunately means some will never know why. Skyrim was as popular as it was.

Arcadian sky

Although things like the Nintendo Switch Online emulator and the higher number of remakes and remasters on the market mean that it’s often possible to revisit older games even for players who were far too young to have them much. enjoyed back then, it’s still a lot easier just to read newer titles. For Redditor Mihyeithere’s a game they wish they could have fully enjoyed when it was new.

This game is Arcadian sky for the Dreamcast, a critically acclaimed RPG about a young air pilot tasked with saving the world from an evil empire, as they “played but never finished” as children. Lacking the means to revisit the game, they resign themselves to never having the satisfaction of finally beating it, something many gamers can relate to.


Whether it’s the first wave of popularity with Pokemon Red and Greenresurgence through anime, or the world-conquering fun of Pokemon Gofew series have offered more chances of being invested than Pokemon. To some, however, it just seems like a more daunting prospect.

This is why Redditor gloopied admits they’re one of the few the massive franchise hasn’t reached, as they pitched “Pokemon” as the game they missed the mark on. Many fans are happy to welcome newcomers and offer tips for Pokemon beginners but, for some, the sheer size of the series will still make it inaccessible.

Crusader Kings II

One of the biggest things that can make strangers feel like they missed a game is when everything seems so complicated that it’s hard to even know where to start. With its technical language and demanding game mechanics, this applies to the entire grand strategy game genre.

For Redditor SoulFearerthis became clear when they tried to play Crusader Kings II and ended up being “super overwhelmed with everything”. Whereas Crusader Kings III is considered one of the best grand strategy games for beginners, each title in the series has a learning curve, which means that not everyone interested in the genre will be able to grasp it.

To fall

Often the worst part of feeling like you’ve missed the boat on a certain game or franchise is seeing exactly why it’s rated so highly, but knowing it’s still too late to get involved. Editor xisaloser recognizes that the beginning To fall the titles are fascinating thanks to “the complexity of the world and the choices”, but unfortunately know that they “will never take them myself”.

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When it comes to the level of clunky or dated gameplay one can endure, everyone is different, but the poorly aged isometric gameplay of Fallout 1 and 2 is a step too far for many. Unfortunately, that also means accepting that they missed their chance to enjoy one of the genre’s defining RPGs.


As a ubiquitous video game since its release, some may find it hard to believe that there are gamers out there who haven’t even touched it. Minecraft. This only increases the sentiment of Redditors like ruby_nights that they may have completely missed the mark of the creative sandbox game.

After not realizing it when the game first exploded, they say they “feel too separated from the age group playing it now.” Minecraft There is no shortage of young fans, which has somewhat influenced its image, but the endless possibilities offered by the game make it a game where everyone can have fun playing with friends. Although it remains an incredibly popular game, some gamers think the time to pick it up has simply passed.

personas 5

JRPGs have a reputation for being absurdly long games and having quirks that basically don’t exist outside of the genre, so it’s no surprise that some think they’re impossible to understand at this point. Editor TheLadderStabber do their best to get into personas 5 but admits they “just moved on to other games after playing for fifty hours with no end in sight”.

With its uniquely styled presentation, personas 5 is an engaging game but not everyone has the patience for a game that demands so much of the player’s time. Fans of the show will say the story is more than worth persevering with but, for outsiders, it’s hard to imagine how.

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