10 Video Games Gamers Will Never Agree On


Some games unite a fan base in incredible ways. Breath of the Wild was amazing for how pretty much everyone who played it loved Nintendo’s groundbreaking open world. Other titles such as Star Wars Battlefront II were notable due to the unanimity of hatred towards them.

The rise of the Internet has generally invited polarization. Social media companies promote controversial takes, for better and for worse, and as such, division among online gamers is rife.

However, much of this division is more a product of the hostile nature of sites like Twitter and the tribal nature of console wars than because the games themselves are divisive.

That said, there are titles that no matter how successful they are, there will always be a divide.

This could be due to story choices, a departure from the gameplay of previous entries in the series, or even just because of the immense hype coming to a game. These games are the ones that never had the chance to unite the fan base.

Minecraft feels like the antithesis of most modern AAA games, in two main ways.

First, the game is built almost entirely around creating structures rather than destroying them. Games like Crackdown and Just Cause have made millions by letting players destroy entire buildings in the most exciting way possible, while series such as GTA, Battlefield and Call of Duty continue to implement explosion mechanics increasingly realistic in each entry.

It is therefore incredibly surprising to play a game whose sole purpose is to build. Sure, you can blow things up and you have to break rocks to hold them back, but the ultimate goal of raw creation was virtually unknown when Minecraft was released.

Minecraft also differs in its complete lack of gameplay objectives. Almost every game, be it Super Mario or Fallout, pushes players towards a particular goal. Minecraft offers virtually none of that, inviting players to come up with their own goals and projects.

As such, there will always be a certain group of gamers who just won’t get Minecraft. While some love the freedom offered by Mojang’s classic, there are certainly those who will never truly appreciate what the game has to offer.

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Carolyn M. Daniel