10 Video Games Where Kevin Conroy Voiced Batman


Many have played the role of Batman from the character’s debut in Detective comics in 1939. Yet no actor has brought Batman to life better and more frequently than the late Kevin Conroy. If any actor deserves the title of best Batman, it’s him. Conroy first lent his voice to Batman and Bruce Wayne, in 1992 until Batman: The Animated Serieswho had an amazing original run of three years. Conroy continued to voice Batman over the next 30 years.

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More often than not, whenever an animated Batman needed a voice, Conroy was there. Conroy did not limit his roles to only animated series and films; he has also frequently voiced Batman in video games. Gamers don’t have to look far to hear Conroy’s voice in a video game, a testament to the man who loved playing the genre’s most iconic hero.

10/10 The Adventures of Batman and Robin for the Sega 3D is Conroy’s Video Game Origin Story

Batman driving the Batmobile to Gotham in The Adventures of Batman and Robin for Sega CD

1994 The Adventures of Batman & Robin is the first video game where Conroy voiced Batman. However, Conroy’s voice is not heard through all iterations of The Adventures of Batman & Robin. It can only be heard in the Sega CD version due to technical limitations of the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.

The Adventures of Batman & Robin is based on The animated serieswhich corresponds to the other name of The animated series starting with its second season. The Sega CD version uses animated cutscenes specifically designed for the game and gameplay with Batmobile and Batplane chase sequences.

9/10 Batman investigates the Joker’s death in Batman: Revenge

Batman fights an enemy in Batman Vengeance

Conroy Wouldn’t Voice Batman In A Video Game Again Until 2001 Batman: Revenge for PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Game Boy Advance and PC. Revenge is based on The New Adventures of Batmanwhere Conroy is also joined by most of the cast of this series.

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Revenge focuses on the apparent death of Batman’s nemesis, the Joker. Responsible for the Joker’s alleged disappearance, Batman believes the Joker is alive and concocts a grander plot. Batman uses this hunch to investigate the Joker’s death in hopes of saving Gotham again.

8/10 Batman: Rise Of Sin Tzu introduced a new character to Batman Lore

Batman fighting a group of enemies in Batman Rise of Sin Tzu

Revenge was followed soon after by Batman: The Rise of Sin Tzu in 2003. Conroy took the time to voice characters in other video games such as Jak & Daxter: the heritage of the precursors, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payneand Lords of EverQuest.

The Rise of Sin Tzu is notable for being the most recent Batman game based on DC Animated Universe and for introducing a whole new character to the Batman story, Sin Tzu. Sin Tzu leads a prison break, with Batman tasked with stopping him. Sin Tzu did not return, in any form, until 2016 with the third issue of Suicide Squad Most Wanted: El Diablo and Killer Croc.

7/10 Batman teams up with players around the world in DC Universe Online

Batman performs a leap attack on the Joker in DC Universe Online

2011 DC Universe Online brings players into the world of DC Comics through free-to-play MMO action gameplay. Players can create their own avatars and learn with iconic DC heroes through 43 episodes of story content, and more. DCUO continued to receive ports, most recently on the Nintendo Switch in 2019.

DCUO begins in the aftermath of a war in a different timeline where Lex Luther is the sole survivor. Lex warns of Brainiac’s powers and tasks the Justice League with forming a new group of superheroes who have gained powers through Lex’s nanotechnology.

6/10 Batman: Arkham Asylum showcased the golden age of superhero games

Batman battles a group of enemies with clown paint on their faces in Batman Arkham Asylum

Despite the subject’s popularity, the superhero genre had long struggled to produce truly good superhero video games. For each Spiderman 2there are many Superman 64s. This changed at the release of 2009 Batman: Arkham Asylum.

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arkham asylum trap Batman in the titular facility by The Joker. Batman must battle armies of enemies, face-to-face or stealthily from above, as he tries to foil the Joker’s plot. The batman arkham provided some of the most engaging dynamics between Conroy’s Batman and Mark Hamil’s The Joker while establishing the framework that other superhero brands have aspired to in their video games.

5/10 Batman: Arkham City expands the world of Arkham to Gotham

Batman is perched on top of a building overlooking Gotham in Batman Arkham City

2011 Batman: Arkham City is bigger and better than arkham asylum taking players into the massive open world, approximately five times the size of the original batman arkham Game. Arkham City features Catwoman, who stars in her own DLC story.

In Arkham CityBatman is incarcerated by Hugo Strange in an expanding prison in the slums of Gotham. All the while The Joker is dying thanks to the original’s Titan Serum batman arkham Game. The Joker infects Batman with his Titan serum-infused blood, forcing Batman to find a cure. Conroy also voices Thomas Elliot, or Hush, in Arkham City and its sequel.

4/10 Batman: Arkham Knight crowns the Arkham trilogy

Batman walks away from the Batmobile in the rain in Batman Arkham Knight

2015 Batman: Arkham Knight concludes the batman arkham story. There was another batman arkham game in Batman: Arkham Origins, but the role of Batman was played by Roger Craig Smith, with the Joker being voiced by Troy Baker. The greatest attraction of Arkham Knightin addition to great graphics, is the ability to use the Batmobile throughout Gotham. However, the mechanics behind this were a point of contention among players.

Arkham Knight pits Batman against a new villain in the mysterious Arkham Knight, who, with the help of Scarecrow, threatens an attack to evacuate Gotham City. This leaves the streets clear for one last round between Batman and Gotham’s villains.

3/10 Batman Takes on Other DC Heroes and Villains in the Injustice Series

Pre-round introduction of Batman in Injustice Gods Among Us and Injustice 2

It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before DC Comics Got A Post-Crossover Fighting Game Series Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. NetherRealm Studios, formed by Warner Bros. after the bankruptcy of Midway Games, used the mortal combat team to develop a standalone DC fighting game, which became the Injustice series.

The Injustice The series, which has also produced comic books and an animated film, pits Batman and other DC heroes against Superman. Superman has become a tyrant after accidentally killing Lois Lanethanks to the joker.

2/10 LEGO DC Super-Villains surrounds Batman with iconic villains

Batman wearing his classic Batman The Animated Series costume in LEGO DC Super-Villains

With the multitude of LEGOBatman media, it may come as a shock that Conroy has only voiced a LEGO version of Batman once. 2018 LEGO DC Super-Villains is the fourth LEGOBatman game, with this entry focusing more on DC villains rather than heroes. These DC villains take on the Justice Syndicate, a mysterious group of heroes whose motivations are anything but heroic.

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DC Super-Villains is made up of a legendary voice cast that features many actors who have had DC characters in the past, like Conroy and Zachary Levi voicing Shazam!

1/10 Batman takes on Shaggy and other Warner Bros. characters. in MultiVersus

Batman clings to Scooby Doo's Shaggy in MultiVersus.  Shaggy is holding a multi-layered sandwich.

The most recent and last game that features Conroy’s voice as Batman was 2022 MultiVersus. MultiVersus was one of the most fascinating games of 2022 by taking the formula set by the Super Smash Bros. series and reproducing it with characters from Warner Bros.

Batman is joined by Wonder Woman and other DC characters and can take on characters ranging from Shaggy to scooby-doo to Arya Stark from game of thrones. This odd cast of characters has come a long way to capture some of the magic of the Super Smash Bros. series, which many other crossover fighters have failed at.

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