10 Video Games You Won’t Believe Turning 10 In 2022

Video games have a short lifespan because the industry is advancing so quickly that they are obsolete after just a few months. Either that or a sequel coming 12 months later that immediately devalues ​​the game. However, some video games have stood the test of time, and even if they seem dated, they’re still just as fun to revisit.

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It’s hard to believe that these games are already 10 years old, because they’re still so fresh in fans’ memories. And others live rent-free in the minds of gamers years later for other reasons as well, whether because of their controversial releases or for being innovative tentpoles in the industry.


Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 was the game in the series that established its current style. Although the previous two games took place on islands full of mercenaries where players had to use their survival instincts to defeat them, it was Far Cry 3 which introduced satirical elements. It also had an open world so populated and exotic that it was so much fun to just drive around and take in the sights.

The 2012 classic also features the best Far cry villain and one of gaming’s most iconic antagonists, Vaas. Each player has their own distinct memories of the villain’s sadistic methods of torture, whether it’s just using his knife or tying people to cinder blocks and throwing those blocks off cliffs. The game is such a classic that fans even got tattoos inspired by it. Far Cry 3.

Max pay 3

Max Payne walks away from a bar in Max Payne 3.

the Max Payne the series as a whole doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Outside of the video game movie that everyone forgot, the games are hauntingly beautiful because they’re full of demons and have a dark premise about a man who lost his family so tragically. Interestingly, even though the tonal and literally dark approach was the series’ hallmark, Max pay 3 did a full 180, so much so that it takes place in the scorching heat of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

It was a brave change of scenery, and while fans missed the haunting feel of the first two games, it’s not like those games ceased to exist when the 2012 game released. Max pay 3 is a fresh take on the series, and as Max Payne’s story is by far the most compelling of Rockstar’s many amazing series, it’s a compelling third chapter that brings the vigilante story arc to a satisfying conclusion. .


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Before online play became the predominant way to play video games, the idea of ​​an online-only story mode game was still a little far-fetched in 2012. But that’s exactly what Travel did, and it turned competitive battle royale online games into an art form.

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Ironically, although the game is nearly silent and sees players wandering over sand dunes with very little action, Travel made any loud first-person shooter released at the time seem pedestrian. The game’s graphics are beautiful, the controls are simple yet smooth, and the story is completely visual. Few games are as creative as this one, and it’s a landmark in indie game development that has yet to be surpassed.

hitman absolution

Agent 47 disguised as a chipmunk in Hitman Absolution

Absolution is sandwiched between phenomenal stealth, boundary-pushing PlayStation 2 games and impossibly dense sandbox PlayStation 4 games. This era of Hitman is one of the most interesting because it kind of marked a transition phase for the series, and it seemed like the developer wasn’t quite sure where to go next.

Unfortunately, Absolution wasn’t received as positively as those phases, but it featured the first truly gripping narrative that tied all the hits together. It also included the franchise’s most interesting locations, even if they weren’t quite as open. But more important than anything, Absolution was full of the funniest costumes Hitman series.

Assassin’s Creed III

Navigate the river in Assassin's Creed III

At this point in the series, Assassin’s Creed had become a game franchise released every year, and although it is titled Assassin’s Creed III, this is actually the fifth game. But while the games’ free-running and jumping giant buildings are so much fun, the series’ signature gameplay started to feel outdated with the previous version, Revelations.

However, this time around, the game’s scope has increased tenfold, and Ubisoft’s ambition to create an epic, open-ended 18th century city with a gripping story has paid off. Even to this day, after the series has delved into ancient Egypt and other historical times and places, Assassin’s Creed III remains one of the best.

Halo 4

Close-up of Master Chief in Halo 4

Few video game series can consecutively improve for four consecutive entries without slipping. Only a select few franchises have achieved such a feat, such as Sony Unexplored series, but Microsoft did it first with Halo. Halo 4 is one of the best Halo games, and it turned the series into one of the greatest of all time.

Between the alien races, the fascinating architecture of other worlds, and the unique range of artillery, the series continues to build the world in intriguing ways. And as is the case for all Halo games, it leaves audiences wanting more.

Mass Effect 3

Eve fights her enemies with an orange weapon in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

It seems that 2012 was the year of the three sequels. In the same way Far Cry 3, Max Payne 3and Assassin’s Creed 3, Mass Effect 3 is an event game in every way. Unlike the aforementioned suites, Mass Effect 3 continued a unique story that began with the series’ first entry, and it’s best known for, sadly, failing to land.

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The finale didn’t pay off as the fans wanted. However, it’s just as much about the journey, and the essence of the game is a cinematic space odyssey, and between exploration and choices, Mass Effect 3 is a masterclass in role-playing…until the last hour or so, at least.


Corvo Attano in Dishonored

Dishonored is one of the greatest stealth games ever made, and it’s up there with the likes of Solid metal gear and Hitman. 10 years isn’t particularly long, but the game already has a legacy that some decades-old game series don’t even have. The game got a sequel and the mechanics continued to be used for Death Loopanother amazing stealth action game from Arkane Studios.

The game also has such a unique aesthetic, as it takes place in a fictional city that is inspired by 1800s London and Edinburgh during a deadly plague. No other game has combined a unique tone with completely original gameplay and an incredible story since the likes of half life.

sleeping dogs

One of the most influential video game series of all time is Grand Theft Auto, as it spawned a ton of subpar copy games. But of all, sleeping dogs is by far one of the best and relatively original. sleeping dogs takes place in Hong Kong, and instead of playing a gangster or criminal, players control an undercover policeman who is well versed in martial arts.

Not only is Hong Kong in-game thriving and fully interactive, but with the mix of parkour, martial arts combat, and driving, it’s one of the smoothest open-world games of the last 10 years. No other game not developed by Rockstar is as good.


Players play through a level of Fez

2012 was a great year for innovative indie games, and even though Travel is a beautiful and visually stunning game, Fez is the most unconventional and inventive platformer of the 21st century. The movie is a two-dimensional game set in a three-dimensional world, and while it’s hard to fathom, it was a genius idea that hadn’t been done before.

There hasn’t been a platformer as influential as Fez because Super Mario. Fans have wanted a sequel for a decade now, but it still hasn’t happened, and it looks like it never will, as the game’s creator, Phil Fish, has very publicly stepped back from the industry. of the video game.

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