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Facing the world of video games after streaming Netflix, TV series and movies online: This site offers 5 free video games in full version to all its subscribers

Fantastic news for Netflix subscribers: 2021-22 They will be able to download from September 28 (yesterday), except that they will be able to take advantage of all the new features that were announced a few days ago for the new season Four video games Absoutely Free The platform is dedicated to customers.

We are only at the beginning, we still have a lot of work to do, but we are very happy to offer these games as part of the Netflix subscription, with no ads or purchases on the processor.

A message from a company that makes many competitors tremble: after receiving Beta version tested in Poland, With a limited number of titles (2 only), is new Aggressive Netflix Strategy Seems more and more limited

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4 free video games on Netflix

Stranger Things: 1984

Developer: BonusXP (* US)
Game Plot: Live with Hopper and the boys in this amazing retro adventure with many collections on amazing trips to Hawkins and Upside Town

Dieter Up

Frost Pop Developer (* Canada)
Plot of the game: No dragons or monsters: the goal here is to get the ball into the hole by moving the platform against the laws of gravity and physics.

Shooting rings

Developer: Frost Pop (* Canada)
Game plot: Was a basketball shot won by sniper darts? Good idea! Throw them in the right direction to hit the basket and that’s it.

Exploded map

Sviluppatore: Rogue Game (* US)
Intrigue of the Game: In this fast-paced game perfect for those who want to try their hand at poker every time, you can create a successful hand and attack an entire house.

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