5 Video Games To Play After Watching Halloween Ends


Halloween ends will be released this week, seemingly ending the decades-long battle between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. The third film in a rebooted trilogy that ignores everything after the original 1978 slasher classic, Halloween ends will bring back the original final girl, Jamie Lee Curtis, for one last ride. It promises to bring the franchise to a satisfying, if hardly final, conclusion.

Fans of the series and the slasher genre might have bittersweet feelings about Halloween ends; it will be the end of an era for what is arguably the mother of all slasher franchises. However, they shouldn’t worry or wallow for too long. Aside from a plethora of movies that are sure to satisfy their slasher craving, there are also plenty of video games that manage to capture the survival aspect of a classic slasher movie. And unlike a movie, players can experience the violent plot in a more personal and interactive way and maybe even experience what it’s really like to flee from a deranged killer. Here are five of our favorites.

The career

The career is the newest entry in the interactive horror genre. Featuring an all-star cast including David Arquette, Brenda Song, Justice Smith, Halston Sage and Ariel Winter, it follows a group of nine teenage counselors on their last night at Hackett’s Quarry summer camp. As the night wears on, they find themselves hunted by a group of supernatural creatures and a chain of violent locals that will make surviving until morning a nigh impossible task.

A love letter to gender, The career is basically a teen slasher movie in video game form. It is also a worthy successor to Until dawn, the first horror hit from Supermassive Games. Using all the tropes of the Teen Slasher subgenre – and there are plenty – but reworking them for the modern gamer, The career is a gory, satisfying nightmare that balances tension with old-school drama. Fans of the original Halloween will have a worthy adventure with this claustrophobic and surprisingly cinematic horror story.

Until dawn

The main characters of the Until Dawn game got together and talked to each other.

And speaking of Supermassive Games, of course, we still have to mention Until dawn. Centered on a group of eight young adults who find themselves being chased by dangerous creatures at a lodge on Blackwood Mountain, Until dawn features a cast of several top actors, including Rami Malek, Hayden Panettiere, and Peter Stormare.

The game became particularly famous for its butterfly effect-like plot, resulting in multiple choices with potentially deadly consequences. Like the best slasher movies, no character is immune — indeed, they can all die, depending on the player’s choices. However, the game’s greatest triumph might be the fear it inflicts on players as they uncertainly walk through the woods, hoping they make the right choices while guessing their every step. Like Michael Myers himself, Until dawn feeds on the paranoia it inflicts on its victims – I mean, the players – guiding them through a crescendo of emotions and reaching a sufficiently violent climax. Fans of the slasher genre will not be disappointed.

Dead in broad daylight

Dead by Daylight logo and cover.

Slasher films typically follow the Last Girl, the innocent, virgin protagonist who must battle the seemingly indestructible serial killer who is pursuing her. Usually played by a scream queen, Last Girl is slasher’s most enduring trope. Few movies put us in the perspective of the killer, instead keeping him shrouded in mystery for as long as possible, increasing his fear factor. Dead in broad daylight flips the script by allowing players to put themselves in the killer’s shoes.

The online multiplayer game is a one-on-four case where one player assumes the role of killer and attempts to kill the other four. Those wondering what it would be like to be Michael Myers can finally scratch their itch, because the game literally has Myers as a playable character. Laurie herself is also a potential survivor, bringing the Halloween saga in the hands of the player. Other iconic horror characters, heroes and villains, join in the fun, making Dead in broad daylight a mix of franchises and styles under the common umbrella of slasher fame. In short, it’s a must for any self-respecting fan of the genre.

Heavy rain

An origami figure on the ground in the rain.

Heavy rain centers on four characters who are shrouded in the mystery of the Origami Killer, a serial killer who drowns his victims during times of heavy rain. Developed by Quantic Dream, Heavy rain features highly interactive gameplay where choices matter and shape the narrative. The game’s now iconic alternate endings will bring the player a sense of satisfaction or bitter grief.

Although it’s more of a psychological thriller than a straight-up slasher, Heavy rain is still a game worthy of fans of the latter. Smart, twisty, emotional and thrilling, it’s a cerebral entry into the horror genre that never sacrifices its emotional impact for cheap leaps and bounds. Granted, it’s not as scary or violent as our other suggestions, but it manages to create a tension-filled environment that will send shivers down any player’s spine. By framing the action in such a human scenario, Heavy rain Ups the ante and makes itself scarier than any zombie or monster game. The plot is a vortex of emotions, and a wrong choice will lead the story down a path of no return. If that’s not what makes slashers so effective, we don’t know what is.

Alien: Isolation

A female astronaut looking to her right with a frightened expression in the game Alien: Isolation.

The 70s were a great time for iconic female characters. What Laurie Strode was to the slasher genre, Ellen Ripley was to science fiction. The Extraterrestrial The franchise redefined the boundaries of sci-fi horror, with a claustrophobic storyline and a story that appealed to the most basic human instinct: survival. The Survival Horror Game of 2014 Alien: Isolation is a worthy entry into the Alien canon. It features Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, who goes against the super strong xenomorph as she investigates her mother’s disappearance aboard the Sevastopol space station.

Nothing about the game is particularly innovative – it’s a classic woman versus alien storyline. However, it is more than enough. Taking control of a sci-fi finale, players will need to use their wits, balancing stealth and strategy to prevail against the savage xenomorph. Alien: Isolation is a love letter to the original Extraterrestrial, honoring its themes, style and visual language. Like the best slashers, Insulation uses its eerie atmosphere to the fullest, employing shadows and noise to demonstrate that nothing is scarier than the unknown.

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