6 ways to save on video games

1. Consider a membership program

The consumer lure “loyalty has its rewards” couldn’t be truer than in the video game market. Game makers want you to come back, and they offer membership programs to make that happen.

With the plans, you pay monthly and get unlimited access to video games that you can play online, on your PC, or on your mobile phone. An example of this is Nintendo’s Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription.

It gives users access to a library of over 100 games and costs $50 for an annual subscription. That’s less than the cost of a brand new video game. Sure, it might not offer the latest titles, but having so many games to choose from should keep you busy for a while.

Many game makers and online services allow you to pay monthly for unlimited access. Despite the potential savings, seniors have yet to embrace these memberships in large numbers.

“Only 6% of gamers over the age of 55 say they subscribe to a service that provides access to a video game library, a much lower percentage of gamers than in other age groups,” explains Carrie Robinson, Chief Business Officer. of the industry at the Entertainment Software Association. .​

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Carolyn M. Daniel