Another accusation comes from the United States

In recent days, the United States It was rocked by a wave of violence: there were several mass shootings in Texas and California, as well as in New York. The accusation was specific: the people who opened fire were deceived Video games and the Internet in general.

‘Cause the charge is laid Fox News, a news channel founded by Rupert Murdoch. The video, which has been relaunched on Twitter, cannot be misunderstood. “Shooting seems to have become a much worse problem since video games have become so realistic and violent.” A sentence that has clearly caused a lot of controversy, at least on Twitter. “It’s weird how the rest of the world plays video games and there are no mass shootings,” one of the most upvoted comments in response to the video.

We don’t even want to (and can’t) do a review of Fox News. juxtaposition Video games The violence is certainly old and It seems to have been mostly suggested by people who probably had nothing to do with this world And this industry. The story is always the same and in fact the problem does not only concern the United States, but also other countries, in addition to Italy, where now someone regularly decides to disclose incorrect information or simply out context. But what the presenter must dispute are the real reasons for the shooting.

The 18-year-old who opened fire in Buffalo, Texas, wasn’t “cheated” by video games. He did it by following far-right theories. In fact, the boy shot a community of people of color. Elements such as propaganda incited a young boy, even though he was not of age, to intentionally kill 10 people. The fact that everything was broadcast live on Twitch does not connect video games to this terrible event: the American far right is strong with a large network of contacts and organizations like Q-Anon, which spread their theories on all social networks. And all the platforms that allow you to express an opinion or an opinion or simply to provide spaces for speaking.

The motive for the other mass shootings (which took place in California and New York) has not been disclosed.

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Carolyn M. Daniel