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There are many misconceptions and debates about video games and their impact on mental health. Video games can have many benefits, including developing complex problem-solving skills and promoting social interaction through online gaming. Video games can be a great way to stimulate your mind and improve your mental health.

Benefits of video games

mental stimulation. Video games often make you think. When your child is playing video games, almost every part of their brain is working to help achieve a higher level of thinking. Depending on the complexity of the game, they may need to think, strategize and analyze quickly. Playing video games works with deeper parts of their brain, which improves development and critical thinking skills.

Sanity Recovery. Playing games can help recovery after trauma.

Social interaction. Multiplayer and online games are good for virtual social interaction.

Emotional resilience. When you fail in a game or in other situations, it can be frustrating. Video games help people learn to cope with failure and to keep trying. This is an important tool that children can learn and use as they grow.

Set limits to manage stress caused by gambling.

While video games themselves aren’t bad for your child’s mental health, becoming addicted to them can be. Spending too much time gambling can lead to isolation. Your child may also not want to be around people in the real world. When you start to feel like your child is using video games as an escape, they may need to slow down. Video games stop being good for you when you play too much. More than 10 hours per week is considered “excessive”.

If you can’t stop playing video games on your own, you can contact a mental health professional.

Consequences of video games on health

Obesity and overweight

Playing video games has always been associated with obesity. This may be related to the lack of physical activity among players. Children who watch the most hours of television or play video games have the highest incidence of obesity.

Bad academic life

Excessive video games can have a negative impact on your child’s school life. This is because there is little or no time left for your child to complete school tasks.

Compromised social skills

Children who spend time playing indoors on screens miss out on social interactions outdoors.

What can you do?

While video games can benefit your child’s executive functions and general cognition, prolonged use can also pose a threat to their health. To avoid this, set time slots for playing video games and monitor what type of games your child is playing. If your child has symptoms of gaming disorder, seek professional help immediately.

Protect your child’s brain development with help from Medical Nutritional Institute

MNI’s NeuroVance Kids comes in a syrup that contains a blend of plant-derived ingredients that will optimize your child’s focus, brain function, and concentration during times of stress. By targeting multiple neurological pathways simultaneously, it can help your child reach their full potential without acting as a sedative or stimulant. It is not habit-forming and can be used from 8 years old. NeuroVance tablets can be used from the age of 12.

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What is the INM’s approach and solution?

The INM takes a holistic approach to health care and offers free stress and concentration assessments for adults and children.

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