Best Free Games for Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Quest 2022

The Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Quest are a relatively affordable way to get into VR, but relatively affordable doesn’t mean free. After spending a few hundred dollars on a VR headset, you might want to grab some of the best free Oculus Quest games. There are plenty of games on Oculus Quest and Quest 2, and these are the best ones that won’t cost you a penny.

Check-in room

Rec Room isn’t just a great free game; it’s a great game overall. Don’t be put off by its basic graphics – this game is home to thousands of different rooms that allow you to play multiple games with your friends, including a paintball battle royale, laser tag, and a pirate ship adventure. The whole thing is a giant space of virtual game and experience creators where you can create, share, and jump into other players’ challenges and game spaces.

The games players build range from simple experiences like bowling or Hide ‘n Seek, to large and complex worlds and games that span genres like horror, adventure, sports, and more. The best part is that Rec Room works on all sorts of different platforms, so there’s a whole world of gamers to meet and homemade games to explore.

Echo VR

This offshoot of the sci-fi adventure Lone Echo takes the sport to space. In Echo VR, you fly as a team of robots playing a VR version of Ultimate-Frisbee-meets-basketball with vertical hoops. It sounds simple, but Echo VR offers plenty of chances to develop in-depth strategy, as you and your teammates try to put together the perfect pass to score a goal.

The playing field is littered with obstacles that you can push away to disrupt an opponent. There’s even a way to defend yourself by hitting the player holding the disc and stealing it, so you can carry it or send it back to your own objective. It’s the kind of virtual game kids in the early 80s hope they can play one day after watching Tron on the big screen.

Epic roller coaster

With Epic Roller Coasters, you get more than just a roller coaster simulation. Skip the lines and strap in for one of the craziest rides on the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2.

Epic Roller Coasters offers a chance to take a ride on some of the most thrilling and breathtaking virtual rides through a futuristic city, a ruined mine and a prehistoric world littered with toothy dinosaurs. There’s also a shooting mode that gives you a pair of guns and lets you test your aim with a series of flying targets as you zoom down the track.


Bait! is a basic fishing game that can offer a nice change of pace from the stronger fare available in VR. In it, you catch a variety of fish to help a struggling aquarium. There are four different lakes to fish, and each has its own types of fish.

The game uses the headset’s motion controls to mimic the fishing feel, even though you feel like you’re in a vacation home in Toontown. Catch larger and rarer breeds of fish as you progress through the levels so you can purchase new lures and gear from Jim-Bob’s Fishing Shop. It’s a relaxing game where patience is rewarded with points.


It’s a lighter game than the others on this list, but this one gives you a chance to play with a cute virtual pet. It’s one of the shortest experiences on Oculus Quest, and it’s more of a toy than a game, but it’s just as engaging and fun.

You can feed Bogo, care for him, play a fetch game with Bogo, and more; and you don’t have to clean up after him. The world Bogo inhabits also features fun mini-games and hidden areas to explore. Bogo’s fun is finding out what you can do with this mischievous thug and his fun little world.


You’re the apprentice (more like a guinea pig) to a powerful witch, and she needs you to keep an eye on her lab of potions and mysterious contraptions. This fantasy-themed exploration game uses hand-tracking technology from the Oculus headset.

So you don’t need the controllers to create special potions that produce interesting effects and bits of magic and take care of the witch’s menagerie of mythical creatures. You can craft spells that allow you to breathe fire from your hands, turn your fingers into slimy tentacles, and uncover the secrets of dark magic.


The word “poker” may be in the name, but there’s more to this virtual casino than just Texas Hold’Em tables. PokerStars VR started out as a simple (no pun intended) virtual poker game that lets you customize your own personal card to buy with the winnings you rack up in games and tournaments.

The recent Casino One update increased the number of games from one to four with blackjack, slots and roulette. The best part is that you can play as much as you want without risking the kid’s college fund because you thought your three of a kid was unbeatable.

Pavlov Shack Beta

Shooting games are by far the most popular and played game on just about any virtual headset. Oculus Quest 2 owners are in luck because they can access one of the most comprehensive and realistic gun simulators in any game, and it won’t cost them a single sawbuck.

Pavlov Shack has a staggering arsenal of weapons; from pistols like a Glock 18C, to rifles like the all-time classic AK-47. Each weapon can be customized with accessories such as holographic sights, scopes, suppressors and grips. There’s a life-size shooting range if you just fancy improving your aim, and multiplayer maps where you can run special drills to score the best kill for your team.

Start with free games

There aren’t a ton of free games available for the Oculus Quest 2, but you can explore several headset features and have fun while saving up to build your library. Rec Room is the most impressive title on this list. The variety of gameplay and the large number of rooms allow you to play for hours with or without your friends. You get so much here, and you don’t have to pay a dime.

Echo VR is another great free game on Oculus Quest. It takes advantage of the untethered nature of the headset and allows you to move freely around a virtual arena. Just make sure you don’t bump into your furniture or another person!

If you haven’t grabbed an Oculus Quest 2 or Oculus Quest yet and are just looking for available games, be sure to see how much storage you need for the Oculus Quest. On the Oculus Quest 2, choosing between the 64GB version and the 256GB version depends almost entirely on how many games you plan to store on the device.

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