Best free online games for kids to play without downloading anything

Children need a lot of play to release their energy. However, as everything has evolved online, so have games. This is the list of the best free online games for kids to play without downloading anything. The best part about online games for kids is that it saves your download time and you won’t need to use that extra space on your system.

Online games to play without downloading anything

Children’s games should convey an expression of innocence while teaching them basic skills. Games should engage children with a sense of curiosity. Here is our list of the best free online games for kids to play without downloading anything:

  1. Aquatic Friends
  2. Apple and onion messing around
  3. Princess Goldblade and Dangerous Water
  4. Make the cake
  5. Alphabetter
  6. Sesame Street
  7. Idle farm
  8. Scooby-Doo Adventure
  9. We have bare bears
  10. 100 little monsters.

1]Aquatic friends

Aqua Friends is a great game for little kids. The gameplay involves a few octopuses which are sad because they have been separated from their friends. You have to bring them together and the way to do that is to tie their tentacles. The point is to make sure that each tentacle is linked since you would not win the game even if only one tentacle is not linked. Once the tentacles are linked, pull the configuration towards the stars at the bottom of the ocean in order to go to the next level. Visit the game’s website here.

2]Apple and onion go crazy

Apple and onion messing around

In this game, Apple and messing around Onion are characters in a house. Their house is a mess and you have to clean it up. Socks, shoes, clothes, etc. must be tidy and this is how you go to the next level. One thing that makes the game cute is the little cat. The game seems easy enough to play but is not. The hard part is being quick enough to fix everything in the allotted time. Learn more about this game on the Cartoon Network website.

3]Princess Goldblade and Dangerous Water

Princess Goldblade and Dangerous Water

If you have a little girl and want her to grow into a strong woman, introduce her to this Princess Goldblade and the Dangerous Water game. The story of the game is about a magical island where trinkets live. He is protected by Princess Goldblade. Unfortunately, the monsters in the game are stealing the Trinks’ treasure, and you, the main character, are supposed to help the princess find her treasure. To play the game, just start with the game here.

4]Make the cake

Make the cake

It’s a little pig’s birthday party and his friend has to bake a cake. Help him do it to make the pig’s birthday memorable. Choose the flavor of the cake from chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch. Then select the garnish among strawberries, blueberries and lychees. Now cut the cake in the appropriate proportions. Then you can add the toppings to the pieces. Finally, select the candles and light them. Enjoy the birthday. This game is available on the official website here.



It is difficult to teach letters to children with books, pens and paper. It just isn’t interesting or motivating for them. However, Alphabetter introduces a whole new method of doing this by engaging them in a game. It displays the letter in bold blue at the top of the page, and the learning child is expected to choose the word that begins with that letter. This exercise gains momentum as the child progresses through the levels. So if you have a little kid of learning age, take them to the website now.

6]Sesame Street

Sesame Street

Do you remember that good old Sesame Street show? He’s not coming back anytime soon and the kids of this generation are really going to miss what we had back then. Or maybe they won’t if you introduce them to the Sesame Street online game. It is not a game but a collection of games created around each character of Sesame Street. Choose your favorite game and play accordingly. Learn more about the site here.

7]Inactive farm

Idle farm

Idle Farm is more of a pinball game. You can choose from the characters of a farmer or a man. Then score points by playing vegetable pinball on the left side. However, the game also becomes a kind of strategy game since you have to use your points to buy the right things to progress properly in the game. So basically you have to build points, grow vegetables, sell them and earn. the part. Find out on the official website here.

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8]Scooby-Doo Adventure

Scooby-Doo Adventure

Children today might never understand what real cartoons are. Those days are gone, and directors won’t achieve anything like Scooby-Doo. The children who come closest to this epic are by playing the game Scooby-Doo. So let them take a trip to the world or mysteries and crime investigations. Let them develop the aptitude of a detective. Play this game on the official site here.

9]We have bouncy bears

We Bare Bears, inflatable bears

We Bare Bears is cuteness overload. The game involves three cute but playful pandas as the main characters. Now the game doesn’t have a specific winning goal, but there is a lot you can do. Click selfies, bake pancakes, take on your opponents, splurge on food, and more. This game is available on the official website here.

10]100 little monsters

100 little monsters

This 100 Little Monsters game involves a hundred mini ball-shaped monsters falling from containers. The objective of the game is to aim, hit and fill the containers so that they are full to the top. The faster you do it, the more points you score. Yes, you can repeat the rounds, but you will lose on score for that. Learn more about the game here.

It’s always a good idea to make sure your Windows Defender or other antivirus software is turned on and updated when you visit games or download sites.

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Online games to play without downloading anything

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