Best Free Sci-Fi Video Games

Sci-fi games offer some of the most imaginative and breathtaking gaming experiences where players can travel through space and time to explore new adventures or take part in iconic historical events. Many of these imaginative, cinematic sci-fi games are free to play, thanks to talented creators who are avid gamers themselves.

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These free sci-fi games take place in exciting worlds and allow their players to fight against mysterious creatures, explore space stations and even collect a wide variety of alien species. Players will also be able to try out some of the greatest sci-fi game inventions while learning useful things about space and science in a fun and entertaining way.


seven Creature docking station

Creature docking station is one of the most beloved old school sci-fi games that is free to play. This is the perfect game for gamers who love games with unique virtual pets, AI, sci-fi game biological weapons, and all sorts of weird and cool science-related creatures and objects -fiction. This family life simulation is single player, and its players will have to raise and train a nice variety of cute creatures, the Norns, while living on a spaceship called the Capillata.

It is one of the most famous open games that allows its players to be creative. Norns have their own biochemistry and digital DNA, personalities and feelings, which means they don’t always do what the players want them to do, but they can be taught what’s right and what’s wrong. They can even talk to each other and to players as players provide them with food, game time, and raise new Norns.

6 The Savior from above

The Savior from above is one of the finest free dystopian sci-fi games. This fun sci-fi adventure is a fun short game that takes its players to an atmospheric alien planet where they will have to explore the new environment and solve creative puzzles.

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Players will control an astronaut who crash-landed on this planet, and soon he finds ancient remains and realizes his crash was no accident at all. While examining these ruins, he discovers that he will have to play an important role in interstellar history. The Savior from above is perfect for beginners and more experienced players who love beautiful, story-rich sci-fi games with a fantasy twist.

5 online anarchy

online anarchy is one of the most thrilling free sci-fi MMORPG games that lets its player explore a brilliantly detailed alien open world. This is one of the most complex cyberpunk sci-fi games in which players can fully customize their character and choose from some of the coolest sci-fi game weapons ever.

Players will have to explore this atmospheric and futuristic world while uncovering the secrets of Rubi-Ka, participating in unique missions and fighting for territories against other players to obtain the best resources. It’s perfect for curious gamers who enjoy exploring for online anarchyThe vast open world of contains breathtaking locations including deserts, gigantic cities and jungles. Players can even build their own cities and engage in global trade and continue to grow and explore.

4 From cell to singularity – Evolution never stops

From cell to singularity – Evolution never stops is an entertaining and educational sci-fi simulation game about evolution, science, humanity and everything in between. This epic evolution game is surprisingly accessible and fun and addictive. Players will be able to experience and control the evolution of life on Earth from 4.5 billion years ago to far into the future.

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Players will have to help humanity survive and reach the next stages of evolution over more than 4.5 billion years while exploring beautiful 3D habitats, unlocking animals, discovering fire, and possibly even things like technological singularity. Players can learn about real-life science and history, as well as experience epic space adventures to create new civilizations and terraform Mars.

3 Warframe

Warframe is a fantastic free sci-fi action shooter. This massively multiplayer RPG is one of the most cinematic sci-fi games with an inspired story rich in lore. Players will become unstoppable warriors who will have to fight against powerful enemies in the game’s vast interplanetary system.

Players will be able to explore this action-packed open world while building up their firepower to become invincible and upgrading their Warframe, and following the mysterious advice of Lotus. In epic battles, players can choose from some of the best sniper rifles in the game and fight alongside friends as they constantly explore, customize, and get lost in this massive world and its well-crafted story.

2 Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is one of the most beloved free-to-play MMO first-person shooter game set in a breathtaking sci-fi world. Players can explore the lore-rich open world of this stunning action game and uncover the mysteries of the solar system while becoming mighty warriors.

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Players will have to become brave guardians who are the last defenders of the city of humanity. Players can choose to become one of three Guardian classes and explore this atmospheric and dangerous world while playing cooperatively or competitively. Guardians will also be able to choose from thousands of weapons and explore the best handguns in the game and the millions of weapon options they can use during their adventures.

1 Vector

Vector is one of the most underrated sci-fi racing video games that deserves more attention. It’s perfect for gamers who love racing and shooting games that take place in dynamic, minimalistic sci-fi worlds. It’s a fairly challenging yet fun and fast-paced sci-fi game where players will have to survive as long as they can while shooting enemies and overcoming the obstacles that stand between them and victory.

The game has a colorful and atmospheric world, and players can compete to reach the top of the leaderboard. Vector is a great option for beginners and experienced players looking for an exciting and competitive sci-fi game without blood or complicated gameplay.

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