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When most people go to pick up their favorite video games, they probably don’t expect to also have to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the world. Some developers love to add small quiz sections into their games to test their most dedicated fans. While many are fantastic optional quests or segments, some games actually integrate quizzes right into their core gameplay.

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Not all quizzes are created equal, which has made more than one stand out in most people’s minds over the years. Whether played for laughs, taken very seriously, or even in a life or death situation, you’ll need to keep your wits sharp to succeed in some in-game quizzes.


ten Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows throws a surprising quiz into the mix in a bit of a fun way. The quiz happens thanks to a bit of conflict between Spider-Man and Wolverine, and while it’s not the hardest thing for the biggest Spidey fans, it’s probably tough for the average Marvel fan.

Most people probably wouldn’t have expected something like this to be in a game like Web Of Shadows, but most people agree that it’s a fun little inclusion for the biggest fans of the wall crawler.

9 Yooka-Laylee

You actually have to answer a number of different little quizzes in Yooka-Laylee, and all of them are surprisingly difficult. If you haven’t studied your previous progress or paid close attention to your own movements, you may need to try several times each time.

Sections are fun little reminders of everything you had to go through to get to the point of the quiz, but their overall difficulty is something that keeps them from being the most entertaining of all the quizzes on this list.

8 Ultimate Marvel Alliance

Having a basic knowledge of the wider Marvel Universe is actually incredibly useful in unique ways in each of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games. Although the series’ quizzes are relatively simple, they’re a lot of fun for the biggest Marvel fans who want to flex their muscles.

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There’s a lot to learn from the quizzes in the first two games, as some of the questions are a lot trickier than most realize. The average Marvel fan these days might not know who Dum Dum Dugan is or what he was like before he joined the military.

seven Paper Mario 64

The thing about brief quizzes in Paper Mario 64 is that they’re incredibly useful for players with enough knowledge to answer questions correctly. Correct answers will net you star coins, things that are essentially valuable in-game currency.

The questions range from “incredibly easy” to “make you wonder if there was a way to find an answer without just guessing”, but the theatrical nature of the segment makes it worth it. Mario fans and quiz fans can come together to enjoy segments like these.

6 Majora’s Mask

The Keaton Quiz is one of Majora’s Mask’s toughest challenges and best side quests for players who haven’t taken their own notes. The questions cover things that most people probably never thought to track, and they’ll make you pay for it.

Fortunately, the quiz costs nothing, but unfortunately, it’s a tough challenge to complete your collection of master pieces. Without checking, what is the name of the mayor of Clock Town? Yes, that’s one of the questions.

5 Super Mario Odyssey

While Paper Mario has generally been a little flashier with its presentation than many other Mario games, Super Mario Odyssey has its own quiz sections. Of course, the reward is usually just a simple moon for your troubles, but they’re still fun.

Finding all the Sphinxes across the different worlds and answering their quizzes isn’t always the easiest thing either. Luckily, you get unlimited tries to answer the different questions with no real penalty, which makes the game incredibly beginner-friendly.

4 Pokemon sword and shield

The quiz you are required to take at the Ballonlea Gym in Pokemon Sword and Shield sometimes isn’t so fair. It can be tricky, but answering the questions correctly can be extremely helpful, as it will help you avoid stat debuffs.

There’s no shame in getting a question or two wrong, especially if you have an outclassed team, but getting too wrong can make the gym surprisingly hard to beat. Dust off this Pokemon encyclopedia and prepare for a daunting challenge.

3 Persona 5 Royal

A lot of people probably went into Persona 5 knowing it was some sort of life simulator, but most people probably didn’t think they’d have to take any exams. You are quizzed throughout the year by various teachers, which can help you when exams roll around.

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If you aren’t paying enough attention when the teacher corrects a wrong answer, you may have no idea how to perform well on exams. Considering that scoring well actually helps you in the long run by increasing your knowledge stat, it’s pretty important to study.

2 Subtitle

Unlike most regular quiz sections in games, Undertale has made this a real boss fight that can cause stress. The quiz is exactly what everyone expects from a game like Undertale. It’s a chaotic mess that’s both hilarious and a whole lot of fun to experience.

The Mettaton Quiz Show is an unexpected but fun little break from the rest of the game. Thankfully, Alphys is there to help you through the quiz, so while it’s not that difficult, it’s absolutely hilarious from start to finish. end.

1 Banjo-Kazooie

When people think of quizzes in video games, it would be a shock if most people didn’t immediately think of Banjo-Kazooie. The game integrates a quiz directly into its gameplay, and it can be unforgiving.

While it’s definitely tough, it’s not one that ever feels unfair. The quiz constantly prompts you to keep trying until you finally get to the end of the board game-like setup. Those who haven’t experienced it might want to check out the Nintendo Switch Online Nintendo 64 Collection.

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