Best Star Wars Gifts For 2021, From Video Games And Plush Figures To Baby Yoda


Star Wars has pivoted heavily to television, with Disney plus shows as the Cartoon-inspired visions, the Bad lot, the next Boba Fett Series, the third season of The Mandalorian, and one heaps of others. These new stories will no doubt spawn enough new Star Wars merchandise to fill a Death Star, as if there wasn’t enough to choose from already.

There are also video games like last year’s Star Wars: Squadrons, which puts you in the cockpit of X-wings, TIE fighters and more. If you are not a gamer, you can also immerse yourself in the universe through dozens of books and comics on the Star Wars universe.

If you are looking for cool star wars gifts and collectibles for Clone wars– from obsessed kids or the original trilogy purist in your life, there’s something for every price range – from detailed action figures and fancy lightsaber replicas to fun board games and plush toys comforters and novels. And you don’t even have to go to the outer rim of the Galactic Empire and fight an army of stormtroopers to find them.

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Disney plus

Disney Plus is the online home of Star Wars – every major movie and show is on the streaming service. It costs $ 7 per month or $ 70 per year, and includes all movies, live-action series The Mandalorian, and animated shows The Clone Wars Rebels and The Bad Batch. There will be original shows coming up like The Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi. (There are also new Marvel shows on the deck.)

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This PS4, Xbox One, and PC game lets you dress up as a New Republic or Imperial pilot in a short single player campaign and several multiplayer modes. You can also play the whole game in VR on PS4 and PC, and use a convenient throttle and stick, or HOTAS, for a complete piloting experience.

If star hunters aren’t your thing, there’s always 2019’s Jedi: Fallen Order (coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X) or multiplayer-centric Battlefront 2. Spend no more than $ 30 on these – they’re on sale frequently, and you can often score Battlefront for as little as $ 10 or less. All three games are also playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X, through backward compatibility.


Lego has been making epic Star Wars sets for over 20 years, and one of the most recent is the 1,336-piece Imperial Cruiser Lightweight from The Mandalorian Season 2 finale. This Lego Star Wars set includes Mando himself, a little Grogu, Cara Dune, Fennec Shand, Moff Gideon, and a Dark Trooper.


To be clear, not all Lego Star Wars sets cost more than $ 100. You can get many more affordable Star Wars toy sets, like the Clone Wars inspired Duel on Mandalore for $ 20.


This little guy captured hearts around the world when he debuted in The Mandalorian, and the plush version will make a great gift idea for any Star Wars fan.

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On the opposite end of the price scale, the Sideshow 16.5-inch (42-centimeter) figure is an incredible recreation of The Child if you’re looking for the ultimate Mandalorian collectible. At $ 375, it’s only for those looking to spend on the Star Wars fan in their life.

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If you want a reminder of the dangers of Hoth on your living room floor, a wampa rug might do the trick. No real wampa was harmed to do so, as they don’t exist.


Star Wars characters have been immortalized as action figures since 1977, and Hasbro’s 6-inch Black Series line has never looked better. Some of the coolest Star Wars gift options include the $ 21 Elite Team Soldier from The Bad Batch and the $ 22 Dark Rey from The Rise of Skywalker.

Sideshow Collectibles

The Imperial murderous robot that nearly ended Mando’s journey in the Season 2 finale is receiving the Hot Toys treatment. These sixth scale figurines are still beautifully sculpted masterpieces, no matter how expensive they are. The $ 260 Dark Trooper won’t ship until mid-2022, but it’s available for pre-order now.

If you’re looking for something sooner, the $ 315 Mandalorian and the Child (aka Grogu) Deluxe Set should ship in the coming weeks.

Random penguin house

The High Republic is a book and comic book series set 200 years before the movies and debuted with Light of the Jedi in January 2021. Charles Soule’s novel follows a group of cool Jedi as they investigate a major disaster, and it’s a fascinating read.


An elegant, collectable lightsaber for a more civilized Star Wars lover. Hasbro’s Force FX lightsabers feature realistic light and cool sounds, a metal hilt, removable blades, a display stand, and enough weight to make you feel like you’re holding one of the most iconic weapons in cinema.

One of the more recent versions is the lightsaber owned by Darth Sidious, which he used in The Clone Wars and Revenge of the Sith, for $ 250.

Fantasy Flight Games

If you are looking for a tabletop trip to the Star Wars galaxy for one to five players, this game lets you play as a Rebel Alliance hero or command squads of Imperial troops and AT-STs in the game. campaign and skirmish game. . This cool Star Wars gift even comes with small carved figures on both sides.

A game lasts an hour or two, making it a fun way to spend an evening.

The best board games we’re playing in 2021.

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