Buy Spider-Man Remastered, get up to $50 and three free games

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered puts a new polish on what may be the best Spider-Man game ever made. Not only is it exciting to finally get the chance to play this amazing game on PC for the first time, it now comes with optimized graphics, improved ray tracing and shadows, and ultra-smooth monitor support. wide to help make the experience even better.

This game’s release alone is pretty exciting news, but combine that with the fact that it coincides with the Fanatical Summer Sale makes it an even bigger deal. Why? Because the game costs $59.99 and Fanatical rewards customers who spend over $50 with a Fanatical voucher, plus two free games of your choice (from a selection, with an option to have Fanatical credit, if none of them no appeal), plus $3 off the Fanatical Platinum Bundle and a mystery bonus game.

If you read our Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered review, you’ll see that the game alone is already worth the $59.99 price tag, so the fact that it comes with all those other goodies (including up to a good $50 that could buy you another great triple-A version) means this will be a very attractive purchase for Spider-Fans.

Meanwhile, if you use the discount on the Platinum Collection bundle (which includes Frostpunk, Machinarium, and The Evil Within, among 13 others), you’ll find yourself with a huge amount of new games to play this summer.

If you’re worried your PC won’t be able to run it, be sure to check out our Marvel’s Spider-Man system requirements guide to make sure your setup is up to date.

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Carolyn M. Daniel