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Video: Claremore Church Hires Online Missionary Giving Counseling Through Video Games

CLAREMORE, Okla. – A church in Claremore has hired an online missionary who gives spiritual guidance through computer games.

Joshua Clayton is an online content creator and currently works with Claremore First Baptist.

Joshua Clayton has a passion for video games and offers spiritual guidance – and now he’s merged those two things together.

“I play video games that I love, I build communities on different social media platforms, and I have the opportunity to bring Jesus to people in spaces where the name of God is not taught,” said Clayton.

In 2020, Clayton started CoachClayTV to help pay for his family’s medical bills.

He now has around 45,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter and Twitch and reaches people in 85 different countries, all from his home in Claremore.

He mainly plays NBA 2K – which is a basketball game.

His followers join him and send him messages and he said this is how he gives spiritual encouragement and guidance.

“We all play basketball or love basketball or love sports or love college football to the point that we have a kinship that’s there that when life hits and we have real conversations, people come together. will express,” Clayton said.

Clayton said playing in a team helps her connect with people, especially men who traditionally find it harder to reach them.

“There are a lot of dads, husbands, men who will tell me things on stream that they will never tell their partner or they won’t tell a friend, they won’t tell their pastor, but for some reason they feel a sense of kinship that is there through the struggles that you see us go through in video games,” Clayton said.

Ironically, Clayton said much of his impact is on people who don’t go to church often.

“I’ve seen so many different stories of us creating content playing video games, yeah, I think it can not only have an impact, but ironically enough, a lot of the impact that’s been created literally comes from people who haven’t even thought about going to church,” Clayton said.

Claremore First Baptist heard about what Clayton is doing and asked him to become their very first online missionary. Clayton will post videos to Facebook, YouTube and TikTok on their @1unseenhope pages.

Clayton said it helps bring missionary work to different generations and hopes more people will follow in his footsteps online.

“I hope to see more people like me on the platforms telling people about Jesus because there are so many people out there who are hurting,” Clayton said.

He said it wasn’t just about jumping online – he said it was the chance to listen to people around the world.

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