Done Quick 2023 free games return to stores in January


The now confirmed online-only Games Done Quick 2023 event will run from January 8 to 15. A full range of speed tracks will also be showcased at the weekend’s open house.

Professional speedrunners make the most of their abilities to beat their games quickly and easily, with no extra bonuses or all-time challenges, all to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. But unlike Summer Games Done Quick 2022, AGDQ 2023 will not be returning in person.

We want to come back in person, but at best we would have only planned a safe and welcoming event, GDQ said. Due to continued disregard for the dangers of COVID-19 (including anti-warrant vaccination policies) and increased aggression towards LGBTQ+ people, particularly the law commonly referred to as Don’t Say Gay, we do not believe may it be a safe place for our community at this time.

These factors, along with an already broken venue contract in Florida, mean the event remains a full service and online-only status since January 2020.

Over these two years, GDQ Online has improved its digital product with each event, reaching the point where the physical event at SGDQ 2022 still had many speedrunners hosting their races remotely. The 2022 AGDQ still holds the current record for donations from a GDQ event at 3,442,033 raised, so based on the impact of the marathon, however much smaller, the limitation set by an in-person venue.

GDQ has helped raise over $450 million for charities such as Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. All submissions for the lineup of games will go live on September 11, and additional details will be posted on the GDQ website.

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Carolyn M. Daniel