Emiliano Martinez comments on playing video games with Argentina squad


Emiliano Martinez spoke about playing video games with his Argentina national team teammates and how he prepared for the Copa America final.

Martinez revealed that he is a huge fan of video games. In addition to being Copa America champion and goalkeeper for the Argentina national team and Aston Villa, Dibu Martinez plays video games with members of the Argentina national team. Speaking in an interview with Ole, here’s what he had to say:

“Before the final against Brazil, I played a few Call of Duty games to relax.

“Looking ahead to a qualifying match for the World Cup, there were 10 of us in the same place to play among us. Until two in the morning, we played with everyone. We practiced in the afternoon and the truth is we had a lot of fun.

“In Among Us, the one that stood out the most was Tagliafico. He was the one who created everything and was the one who argued the most, the one who reflected the most. He was still beating us.

“From there, the group of the Argentinian national team plays, because we are united, we play cards, between us together, Call of Duty. There are guys who play FIFA like Lisandro and Cuti and they run tournaments or play ping pong. The group has become more and more united and mainly through games.

He also revealed that he has a line he says when he plays:

“From my group of friends, I am the one who goes to war, the murderer. Instead of “Look how I am going to eat you” penalties, here I say “Look how I am going to shoot you a bazookazo”, him. I walk everywhere with a bazooka.

“I like it. Apart from football, when I come home, I am with family and after that at night I have my video game spot to connect with my teammates from Mar del Plata. And the truth , is that I like it.

Besides, he also explained how he got started playing video games:

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always liked things related to (video) games. When I lived in Mar del Plata I played ball day and night, Playstation, Sega or Nintendo. Today in the day I play Mario Kart with my son and with my Argentinian friends we play Call of Duty. We are sick. There are four of us and we play as a team every night, always.

“Obviously not as an addict, but at 9:30 pm to 10 pm I go online and play for two hours. And these two hours, we still play, every day.

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