Epic Games Free Games: ‘Borderlands 3’ at $0 until May 26

Epic Games is no stranger to releasing free games from time to time and just recently the platform decided to give away “Borderlands 3” for free! The game, however, won’t be free forever, and players will need to download or “buy” it for $0 until May 26.

Epic Games launches “Borderlands 3” for free

According to TechRadar’s story, the free “Borderlands 3” is part of the platform’s “Mega Sale” 2022, which usually kicks off with a popular title. As part of the sale, players can expect other popular titles to be available for free each week for four consecutive weeks.

Along with free games, the platform is also expected to offer steep discounts on other titles. The first game Epic Games is rolling out for free is Gearbox’s highly successful loot shooter, “Borderlands 3.”

“Borderlands 3” free until May 26

Players will only have until May 26 to download the game for free. The good news, however, is that when “Borderlands 3” is no longer free to play, players will be presented with another title.

To get “Borderlands 3” for free, players will need an Epic Games account in order to “purchase” the game for $0. After purchasing the game, it will automatically be added to their account which they can then keep for free.

Game earned four out of five stars

TechRadar’s article addresses the question of whether it’s worth downloading “Borderlands 3” for free and their answer is yes. The publication reportedly gave the game four out of five stars in their review detailing that they were pleased with its “huge arsenal of weapons and deep RPG systems”.

The publication said the game is perfect for those who love insane action and are looking for fast-paced, chaotic gameplay while including plenty of shooting, jumping, and first-person grabbing in its gameplay.

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More free games to follow after May 26 on the Epic Games Store

The game mechanics were also described as very interesting, as players can choose a class and invest points into certain skill trees. Players will also be able to play “Borderlands 3” by choosing whether they like to be a “ranged heavy hitter, a brawler among them”.

“Borderlands 3” would also feature humorous dialogue as well as an interesting storyline for those who want more than just mindless violence. There is also a strategic side to the game in which players have to choose between different weapons and find the one that suits them best, as shown on Lootmon.

Luckily, the game is not limited to Windows PC users but is also available for those on Mac. Players interested in the game can play it for free once they “purchase” it from the Epic Games Store until May 26, when its $0 price expires.

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