Epic Games Store Explains July 7 Free Games

The Epic Games Store offers gamers a wide variety of free titles, and the two upcoming games make an interesting pair for gamers.

The selection of free games on the Epic Games Store can be a bit mixed up. Sometimes the titles on offer may not grab the attention of gamers, while other months will offer a great selection of enjoyable games. The Epic Games Store has come under criticism in the past for some of the free games on offer, as well as aspects of the digital storefront like its exclusivity deals with a few developers. Whatever its flaws, the Epic Games Store can offer players some truly enticing free games, and July is no exception.


Epic Games Store’s recent free collection of titles includes Hood: Outlaws and Legends, Geneforge 1: Mutagenand Iratus: Lord of the Deadall of which are available for players to add to their collection through July 7. Then the rest of the month will kick off with two new free games – old enemy and Kill Floor 2 which will be available until July 14. These two games couldn’t be more different and show off the variety usually offered in the Epic Games Store’s monthly free selection.

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old enemy

Gray Alien Games’ old enemy takes all the elements of a classic role-playing card game and transports them into a video game format. The card game pits players against the forces of evil and a host of nefarious enemies as they navigate the scarred landscapes of a land already lost to enemy forces. Using a range of abilities and spells they can acquire on their travels, players can level up their hero and take on the army of antagonists through turn-based solitaire-style combat and a range of puzzles. to solve.

Strategy elements help to elevate old enemySimple yet satisfying gameplay and animations combine with the game’s engaging formula to create an entertaining and addictive experience. The mix of its solitaire style with upgradable gear, spells and defenses for combat scenarios ensures that gameplay is simple and accessible, especially with the option between three difficulty levels. Even gamers who wouldn’t necessarily think of playing a card battle RPG should give old enemy try exploring its dark, folklore-inspired history on their own.

Kill Floor 2

The sequel to 2009 slaughter area brings back the gruesome FPS action, and in Kill Floor 2 players can choose to take on the zombie-like mutant Specimens – or Zeds – alone or in teams of up to six players. A month after the events of the first game, military clones created by biotech company Horzine have been on a rampage across Europe, toppling governments and crippling corporations. As in the first game, players must battle waves of violent Zeds, with the final wave culminating in a challenging boss fight. Players earn cash and experience points in each match which they can then use to buy gear or upgrade to hone their clone-busting abilities.

Kill Floor 2 really upped the ante from the first game, making the action more visceral and the deaths bloodier. The Versus Survival game mode also adds the ability for players to engage in a twelve-on-twelve PvP match where they can either side with the humans or the side with the Zeds. This frenetic mode might be short, but it’s still great fun and offers something a little different from the main modes. The original enemies from the first game return alongside new enemies, but this time with improved AI to make them tougher, showing just one of the ways Kill Floor 2 has made improvements to its predecessor.

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