Epic Games Store September 29 free games offer unique takes on the racing genre


Sometimes the Epic Games Store the selection process seems a bit haphazard, other times there are clearly unifying themes. It’s not always obvious, but for example, the two games this week are a board game adaptation set in a tactical RPG and the other is a dinosaur-focused sandbox game. However, both Ark: Survival Evolved and dark haven take hundreds of hours to beat, and so the two are unified by their common time wells.

The September 29 Epic Games Store selection is also unified by a common element, as they both take aspects of the racing genre but flip it on its head. Racing video games have been around for almost as long as there have been games, but there is no common car, truck, or vehicle in either game. Rainbow and The Drone Racing League Simulator are both racing games, but they are not traditional racing games.


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Epic Games Store Two free games are unique entries in the Racing genre

Racing games are a staple in the industry, although they aren’t as popular as they used to be. Midnight Club, Need for Speed, and others are names almost every gamer should know, but Drone Racing Simulator and Rainbow may not be. Both are racing games, but not racing like in cars. Rainbow is a platform racing game, which means players run on feet instead of wheels. There are battles, game modes and more to vary the gameplay, but racing and running are the central elements of Rainbow. Platform racers aren’t exactly new, and Rainbow has competitors like Speed ​​runner.

However, this is particularly niche enough that no one probably thinks of these games when racing comes to mind. These are billed more as board games than anything else, but running around with friends locally or online is pure fun. They are just as important to the racing game genre as they are to the board game genre.

Meanwhile, Drone racing simulator says it all in its title. Players can simulate real-world racing, but instead of cars, players are drones (although there are plenty of playful elements like a Search and Destroy mode). Drones certainly don’t come to mind when you think of racing, and its simulation elements allow for a lot of tinkering and tweaking on the player’s part.

Indeed, there may be many racing fans who have never played games like these, even if they are not “new”, and this bodes well for their popularity on the Epic Games Store. .

Epic Games Store users receive a handful of games each month.

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