Epic Games Store’s free games for July 21 are a mixed bag


Perhaps one of the best things about Epic Games Store is that users never know what they are going to get. Outside of its reliable Thursday reveal and release pattern, the games themselves are never predictable. The Epic Games Store will feature indie gems, big AAA titles, themed releases, viral games, games few have heard of, and more.

For example, while two of his recent games look nothing like on the surface—Kill Floor 2 and old enemy– there are underlying thematic links about a collapsing civilization. This coming week, it looks like the two games are going in completely opposite directions in terms of tone, theme, and even, perhaps, quality. Fans can currently claim Wonder Boy: Dragon’s Trapand that’s an easy recommendation for an Epic Games Store pickup, but next week they’ll be getting Shop Titans and Tanenberg.


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Epic Games Store Explains July 21 Free Games

In Shop Titans, players find themselves in what is usually a background role. The game takes place in a large adventure center / city, but players are not adventurers – their shop owners. Players will create their own shop, choose their appearance and wares, craft, upgrade and enchant items, organize their heroes among 18 classes, send them to fight monsters and even be able to play in the market/guilds around them.

This style of background management role, while attractive, is not seen in Tanenberg. It puts players on the front line, where players have to fight for control of the Eastern Front of World War I against the Russian Empire, Germany, etc. It aims to be an accurate war simulation, with seven squads, over 50 weapons, 8 large maps, tactical freedom and more. We put the players in the background of command; the other puts them at the forefront of command.

However, perhaps the biggest disparity of this week’s games is their review scores. While reviews are always subjective and it’s entirely possible that fans will enjoy these games for their unique qualities, fans should keep in mind that many reviews of Titan Stores dragged his microtransactions. They are not as aggressive or predatory as Diablo Immortal‘s microtransactions, but they’re loud and proud.

Meanwhile, Tannenberg received more mixed reviews, but they had more variety. There are pros and cons in Tannenberg, like every game, but as a whole, Shop Titans was hit with targeted strikes against microtransactions and Tannenberg had a lot of subjective results. Either way, they’ll be available on July 21 for Epic Games Store fans to figure out for themselves.

Epic Games Store users receive a handful of free games every month.

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