Epic Games Store’s two free games for September 15 explained


On September 15, Epic Games Store users will be able to claim two free indie games that capture two different approaches to adventure.

Like always, Epic Games Store recently went through its weekly rotations and fans will soon be able to grab new games here. Until September 15, Epic Games Store users can snag Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator and a launch pack for Reforged Royal Kingdom.

These titles will last until 10:00 CT on September 15, when the Epic Games Store will replace them with The Spirit of the North and The captain. These two indie games focus on completely different styles of adventure, but for those interested, here’s what users should know about each title.


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Epic Games Store Free Game – Spirit of the North

In Spirit of the North, players take the role of an ordinary fox. This fox is nothing remarkable until it comes face to face with the Keeper of the Northern Lights, who takes on the spiritual form of a fox. Players then set out to solve environmental puzzles about the lost civilization around them, aided throughout by the spirit of the Northern Lights. The game promises an emotional journey despite the lack of dialogue or narration; players must figure out the story and meaning of Spirit of the North on their own. It’s a simple and straightforward adventure game tied to Norse folklore, but it’s a game that hopes to stay with players long after they’ve made it. The story is on top, if the gameplay is rather simplistic, even resembling a game like Wander.

Epic Games Store Free Game – The Captain

In The captain, players take on the role of Thomas Welmu who must return his crew home after getting lost on the other side of the galaxy. It is a retro adventure game, where players have the only thing that can save the Earth from destruction but have to run there. Along the way, the story will present them with hard choices that will introduce new friends and foes tied to other civilizations.

Players will have to choose between rushing to Earth, leaving everything else behind, or exploring new pre-industrial civilizations, experimenting with wormholes (for hopeful perk) and saving loved ones or letting them die. Players will need to engage in space battles to ensure they have the strength to return home or avoid them altogether, to try and avoid taking too much damage. Players will need to keep repairs on their ships, upgrade them to survive, and more. Indeed, it is quite a simple adventure game but one that will make every choice count in terms of story and gameplay.

Epic Games Store users receive a handful of free games each month.

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