Free games can now be added directly to the Steam Library

Steam offers a wide variety of free content, from DLCs and demos to full games. While players could add this content to their Steam library before, it usually required a few workarounds which usually involved downloading and/or playing the game, but now that’s not the case as Steam has added the ability to add these free games. one-click games.

No need for workarounds to add free Steam games to your library

Valve has now added a new button to the Steam store page for free games, as spotted by Twitter user lashman (thanks ResetEra). Next to the ‘Play Game’ button there is now also an ‘Add to Library’ button, allowing players to add games like MultiVersus, Apex Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to their library without downloading them. beforehand.

Before the button was added, players had to download free games before they appeared in their Steam library. Unfortunately, some of them would then completely disappear from a player’s profile if they were uninstalled. There was a workaround where players could press the Play Game button, click the “Yes, Steam is installed” button, and then cancel the download on the next screen. This would work for the majority of free games in the player’s library, but would rarely work for content such as free DLCs or demos. Now anything can be added to a player’s library by clicking the button, which has already been available on store pages for premium content for years.

In other gaming news, EA Sports has announced a surprise Marvel x FIFA 23 collaboration where select football players will be turned into FIFA Ultimate Team Heroes cards. Elsewhere, recent external playtests for Beyond Good and Evil 2 suggest the game is at least a few years away from release.

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Carolyn M. Daniel