Free games for this weekend (July 15 – 17)

In the middle of this infernal heat wave, the only possible salvation for those who do not have a swimming pool and a beach is to forget the situation with a remote control in hand. To transport us to other worlds that allow us to escape from the temperatures and the noise of the fan at full speed to which we are glued. To amaze you, we offer you a new selection of free games for all platforms. Proposals that will get you out of this ordeal and which will only be available between July 15 and 17, 2022:

The Epic Games Store’s new free gem

Epic Games never fails to keep its appointment with the Diogenes who keep accumulating free games. And what games! This week, the company’s digital store offers Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, a magnificent remake of Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap that astonished us so much in 1989, when it was released on the Master System. A 5-hour adventure that usually costs $15.99 and will be available free of charge until July 21. Perfect for lovers of exploration and freedom, with almost no indications, but with a lot of secrets and skills, as well as a beautiful visual and sound section with which to revel in every corner of the scene.

Strategy, the protagonist of the Free Play Days

New weekend and new selection of games for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S Free Play Days. This time with a frenzy of strategy. Microsoft console users who also have an Xbox Live Gold subscription will be able to download and play Tropico 6, For the King and MLB The Show 22 for free this weekend. The experience offers no limits and serves as the best possible demo, but only until next Monday, July 18. We will have to squeeze them to the maximum in marathon mode and if we like them so much that we decide to buy them, don’t worry because the progress will be transferred without any problem.

Free games for this weekend (July 15 - 17)

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Carolyn M. Daniel