Free games on the Epic Games Store for November 2022


The Epic Games Store rounds out its November 2022 lineup of free games with a pair of very different games. Of November 17-24those with an Epic Games account will be able to grab the horror survival game Evil Dead: The Game, and strategy-RPG dark deity, free.

They will replace the games currently offered: Alba – A Wildlife Adventurewhich sends players on a photographic journey through an idyllic town, and Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, a stealth tactical adventure that requires a sharp eye and reflexes. These games are currently available here, but will be replaced soon.

Notably, Evil Dead: The Game is a recent release from 2022. It’s rare for the Epic Games Store to offer new games – yet here we are. This adaptation of evil Dead story is a multiplayer horror survival game that features both cooperative combat and PvP. It takes a large number of players online to have solid matches – and that may be the reason for the free offer.

Around Evil Dead: The Game is only as fun as its cohort. Offering the game for free on the Epic Games Store means there will be an influx of PC gamers and plenty of opportunities to kick off with Ash and his pals.

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If you’re not much into horror, the Epic Games Store still has something for you.

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dark deity is a 2021 strategy RPG that sends players into the world of Terrazael, a land rife with war, terror, and wild magic. In your quest to restore peace and freedom to the land, you will face a variety of enemies in turn-based pixel battles.

Whether you are in strategy Where horror, it’s always a good idea to choose the free games offered at Epic. You never know when the urge to flee a hideous monster or save a dying kingdom will hit you.

Until November 17, 2022you can pick up Alba – A Wildlife Adventure and Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun for free on the Epic Games Store. They will be replaced by Evil Dead: The Game and dark deity until November 24, 2022. Stay tuned to see what’s coming to the Epic Games Store next.

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