Free Xbox Game Pass games from Indie Devs and Humble Games

Microsoft recently announced a new lineup of free Xbox Game Pass games from indie developers and Humble Games.

Seven new games from independent developers and Humble Games will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one. The lineup includes a brutal action title, a soulslike slasher, a different world farming simulator, a 2D adventure, a rhythm RPG, a first-person shooter, and classic survival horror.

Midnight Fight Express is now available on PC, console and Cloud. You play as a former member of the criminal underworld who has returned to the underworld lifestyle. Can you prevent a city-wide criminal takeover before sunrise?

Lunar Scars on PC, console and Cloud and will be available on September 27, 2022. It takes place in a non-linear 2D world and a soulslike slasher. Play as fierce warrior Gray Irma and push the limits of your combat skills. Developed by Black Mermaid, based in Moldova.

Coral Island is for PC later on October 11, 2022. Leave the big city behind and start a new life on Coral Island. Build a farm where you tend to your crops, take care of animals and create a connection with nature. Developed by Stairway games.

Infinite Guitars will be on PC, console and Cloud. A fast-paced RPG where players fight mechs with crushing rock metal. A game that features vibrant anime-inspired art and a flamboyant soundtrack. This game developed by Nikko Nikko will be available later this year.

Producer will launch on PC, console and Cloud later this year. A first-person shooter game reimagined using modern technology and developed by Bounding Box Software. It features a campaign hand-crafted by FPS veterans and classic-inspired multiplayer modes.

Signalis is a classic survival horror experience set in a dystopian future where humanity has uncovered a dark secret. It will come soon from rose-engine.

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Carolyn M. Daniel