How to play a bunch of free games during Melbourne International Games Week


To celebrate Melbourne International Games Week, gamers can pick up a bunch of free video games and demos.

It’s all part ofThe evening of the great games of the ACMIfeaturing the likes of the prize winner Worship of the Lambto new and upcoming titles like A Halloween Valentinewhich hasn’t been released yet.

Curator Arieh Offman called Worship of the Lamb “Melbourne’s 2022 success story.”

Cult of the Lamb was named Australian Game of the Year. (Provided)

“Selling over a million copies in its first week, the game features beautifully crafted characters and environments and a brilliantly original blend of combat simulation and management,” said Offman.

“The Big Games Night In celebrates some of the best video games Australia has to offer and gives families and gamers the opportunity to take a peek at what’s in development and coming in the near future. ”

A Valentine Halloween is being created by developer Things for Humans. (Provided)

Over a dozen games are available to download online and play for yourself by Sunday, including A Halloween Valentine’s Day, e-Scape and take me to the moon.

While some of them may just be demos, these talented Australian game developers hope this gives you enough bite to eat for more.

“There’s a wide variety of games, ranging from spooky synth-pop puzzle games to short meditative experiences,” Offman said.

“They showcase talent from across the Australian industry, and there’s something for everyone.

“The Big Games Night In is suitable for kids and families, experienced gamers, and even those new to a game.”

A screenshot from Drive Me to the Moon. (Provided)

Developer Jake Leaney, who makes A Halloween Valentinesays ACMI’s third annual Big Games Night In helps it reach new audiences.

“It’s a practical and fun way to reach those audiences and celebrate local games with the community,” he said.

“It’s a way for me to connect with audiences who don’t always see themselves as gamers.”

Players can grab these games throughout the weekend until October 9.

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