Lord of the Rings video games are the best place to develop the story


It goes without saying that The Lorder of the rings is one of the greatest works of fantasy of all time, if not the greatest. Tolkien revolutionized the way fantasy was approached by writers and readers, and several other amazing fantasy stories followed in his footsteps. Tolkien’s franchise has paved the way for countless fantastic books, shows, movies, and video games. Despite this, there have been surprisingly few video game adaptations of Tolkien’s work. Granted, several other fantasy series don’t have video game adaptations either, but it’s still odd that a series as massive and influential as The Lord of the Rings didn’t have more games based on it.

In all fairness, the majority of games based on The Lord of the Rings have been excellent. The series spawned incredible movie tie-ins, fantastic RTS, and the groundbreaking Middle Earth: Shadow securities. This proves that there is a market and a need for more the Lord of the Rings video games. In addition to being extremely popular with fans, rings of power expanded Tolkien’s universe and proved that fans are interested in learning more. Video games are the perfect way for fans to dive deeper into this world.

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The Lord of the Rings Should Reclaim the Genre It Started

rings of power delved deeper into Middle-earth and its history. Although there are some issues with accuracy, the show does a good job of introducing fans to the world of Middle-earth before The Hobbit Where The Lorder of the rings, but it doesn’t stray too far from the main conflict featured in the original books and movies. Video games could remedy this problem. There is a lot of history going back millennia before the events of even rings of power. In video games, players could actually explore the ancient worlds of Middle-earth, Beleriand, or Numenor. Players would discover the world by exploring it, and they wouldn’t necessarily need to rely on the movies as an anchor. Video games offer players a unique ability to slowly discover a universe rather than being told or shown about it like in a movie.

There are many characters in the story of the Lord of the Rings that are interesting, unique and wonderful. Characters like Túrin Turumbar, Beren son of Barahir, and Fingolfin all have rich and interesting backstories that would make great video games. In terms of adaptation, letting players take control of some of these iconic characters and live their stories would arguably be the best way to live them. These tales are packed with action, adventure, drama, loss and triumph that could rival the best modern fantasy or story-based games.

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The Lord of the Rings still has room to grow

Of course, as rings of power has demonstrated, The Lord of the Rings may be more than just adaptations in other media. There is room in Middle-earth for stories that expand and add to Tolkien’s work. Allowing players to simply create their own character and go on an adventure in the early days of Middle-earth would be an amazing gaming experience. It’s one of the best parts of The Lord of the Rings online​​​​​​. Letting players do their own adventures in Tolkien’s world could provide a more unique experience than telling the original story, and it would make the player feel like they’re contributing to the story and the canon.

The Tolkien Estate has a lot of rules about what can and cannot be adapted from Tolkien’s work, which has made it difficult to start some adaptations. rings of power even struggled with it, and it’s also probably a major factor in why there haven’t been more video game adaptations. As the game continues to grow, it will be harder to ignore the potential for more the Lord of the Rings Games. There are already new the Lord of the Rings video games in development. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum will allow players to take control of the titular creature in a stealth action game. Regardless of how long it takes, Tolkien’s work is too wonderful for video game developers to ignore forever.

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