Madhya Pradesh: Proposal ready to ban online gambling in the state, says Home Minister Narottam Mishra


The Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) attacked each other ahead of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections. In another row, the BJP released a video, an undercover operation, on Monday claiming that AAP leaders demanded Rs 80 lakh in exchange for election tickets.

BJP spokesman Sambit Patra claimed that AAP leader Bindu was asked for a bribe to give him a ticket from Ward 54 Rohini D.

Patra showed two videos and claimed that there was Bindu in the video, who was asked for money in exchange for tickets. The name of AAP leader RR Pathania is also featured prominently in this sting. Two days ago, the BJP released videos of former AAP minister Satyendar Jain in Tihar prison. In this video, Jain is seen getting a body and foot massage in Tihar’s room.

The Sting video was also posted 3 days ago

Only last week, the BJP released a scathing video of AAP leader Mukesh Goyal. Sambit Patra had accused Mukesh of accepting a bribe of one million rupees from JE. Sambit had said that Mukesh was considered an accomplished leader of the MCD and was CM Kejriwal’s right-hand man. He also said that Kejriwal does not take any decision without consulting Mukesh Goyal on MCD related issues.

However, giving clarification on all these allegations, Mukesh said that the BJP released fake audio. This clip has been edited.

Kejriwal response on BJP sting

Kejriwal responded to the BJP prod. He said BJP people are making new gimmicks everyday. First said there was an alcohol scam in Delhi, then said it was just a scam. Kejriwal claimed that all the allegations against him are completely false. Have the allegations investigated, nothing will come of it.

AAP chief said – videos are fake

AAP leader Dilip Pandey has said throughout the matter that the person named in the BJP video sting had nothing to do with the party. He said if BJP had worked in Delhi, he would not have had to collect fake videos like this. The fake video confirms that the BJP is losing the MCD elections.

The BJP and the Aam Aadmi party are constantly attacking each other over the MCD elections in Delhi. The BJP accused the Aam Aadmi party of corruption, citing an ET sting. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra has violently attacked the Delhi government. Sambit Patra said the AAP is stuck in the quagmire of corruption. PAA leader Bindu Shriram conducted an undercover operation. Bindu was promised a ward 54 Rohini ticket and demanded Rs 80 lakh in exchange for the ticket.

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