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The video game sector has only grown day by day to become one of the largest in the world today.

They took the initiative to innovate whenever they had the chance and whenever they did, they always did well. One example is the inclusion of minigames in games, especially those that tend to be more prominent in casinos.

Some of the best have the sole purpose of defeating evil. Most of the time, what starts out as a short break to disconnect from the main game ends up turning into hours of trying to overcome minigame levels.

There is a wide variety of mini-games within the video games themselvesbut only a few are considered the best.

It may sound unbelievable, but only the most loyal video game fans know that casino games can be found in many fairly famous video games.

Watch dogs

This adventure video game was developed by the Ubisoft company, and its main character is called Aiden Pearce. He is responsible for committing all the criminal acts that take place in the video game, including hacking into any device in order to complete the mission.

Inside Watch Dogs, players can find mini-games such as Cash Runs, Chess, or Drinking Games. They also have slot machines or poker in the casino games.

Nowadays, you can also find these games very easily on the web. For one, you can always go to mini-game sites where you can enjoy them. On the other hand, if you want enjoy games like online slots with real money, you should visit more specialized sites. Providers such as VSO show the criteria you need to have to choose the best casino. Among them, security, variety of games and good customer service are essential. However, to win, you not only need to choose a good casino, but you also need to know the game and know the payout per symbol or the RPT of the game.

The video game takes place in Chicago, in the not too distant future. A network of computers is in charge of connecting the entire population and their private information, so that you can anticipate the crimes that will take place. Therefore, the protagonist takes the law into his own hands.

grand theft auto san andreas

This video game mixes action and adventure genres, developed by the British video game company Rockstar North. It is published by Rockstar Games. It is the fifth installment in the Grand Theft Auto series and boasts over 70 hours of gameplay.

This episode has a high resolution image created especially for mobile devices and offers the possibility of saving the game in the cloud so that you can continue playing later.

The story is set in the early 1990s and stars Carl Johnson as the main character. He fled from a city dominated by corruption, drugs and street gangs, only to be framed for murder by corrupt cops upon his return. His goal is to take control of the city streets and save his family.

As expected, there are many casino games in the video game. In fact, casino halls with wheels of fortune, the occasional slot machine or blackjack table are often featured.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Gwent

It is rare to find a deck of cards in the gambling world that is considered good, but Gwent is the exception. Those who have tried it agree that it is quite enjoyable to play and its online play option makes it even more special.

It has a variety of factions drawn from the Witchers world itself, as well as cards and decks to play with.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Orlog

The best hobby this Assassin’s Creed game has to offer is called Orlog. This minigame was created especially to introduce you to the Norse and Viking mythology adventure of the game itself. One of his tricks is basically based on rolling dice.

Each side of the die has an icon that can make it hit, defend you against your opponent’s attack, or steal a token with which to grant boons to a god. The object is to remove all stones from the opposing side of the dice, as this is what acts as the player’s health.

Do you think there is another video game that deserves to be among these and is considered the best in the world?

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