NBA 2k22 disappearing ball glitch continues to ruin online games

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The Rec is NBA 2K22’s 5v5 random mode that features fast-paced gameplay, but a match became almost ridiculous when the ball itself vanished from existence, leaving players running around like headless chickens.

NBA 2K22’s frantic end-to-end action ensures players need to stay on their toes. The ball can be transported from one goal area to another in the blink of an eye and the squeal of the rubber becomes noticeably more lively.

The franchise’s addictive gameplay keeps fans coming back, but occasional bugs and glitches detract from the experience somewhat. “Faking passes” and denied 3-point guarantees are just a few of the flaws players have encountered in this season’s iteration of the series.

However, the latest hiccup is extremely unusual and involves more sorcery than a game featuring Magic Johnson.


Dribbling is much easier with a real ball.

NBA 2K22 Invisible Ball Bug Is Confusing

Some players are naturally so talented on the pitch that you sometimes wonder if something fishy is going on. But no matter how skilled a LeBron James or a Steph Curry is, making the ball completely disappear is definitely supernatural.

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Reddit user Confusion606 is the aptly named player who stumbled upon this complete aberration while playing NBA 2K22’s Rec game mode.

They said, “So the ball just disappeared during a game of Rec…” and there was no hyperbole involved either. Their video showed in-game footage of a play by Rec and it’s immediately obvious the ball is nowhere to be found.

Even after repeated viewings of the video, it’s incredibly difficult to decipher where the heart of the action is, and the players themselves seem just as confused as the storyline itself.

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“You all play shadow ball in Rec,” one player remarked, while another quipped, “All I see are thousands of no-look passes.”

We can’t say we’ve seen this happen too many times during NBA 2K22, so it may just be a rare, one-time occurrence that this player just saw for himself.

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