New Xbox Free Games with Gold Game for October 2022 Available to Claim Now


Xbox is releasing a new Xbox Games with Gold free game for October 2022 so subscribers can now claim both deals of the month.

Microsoft has released the second free Xbox Games with Gold game for Xbox Live Gold subscribers to claim for the month of October 2022, which means both free games are now available to the general public. October 2022 marks the first month that Xbox Free Games with Gold has not featured Xbox 360 games, so Xbox Live Gold subscribers can only claim two free games this month.

Despite the removal of Xbox 360 games, Microsoft has not changed the tiered versions of its free Xbox games with Gold games. One of the Games with Gold free Xbox games is made available for subscribers to claim on the first day of the month, while the other is supposed to be added on the 16th of the month. However, free Xbox Games with Gold games are often made available a day in advance if users search for them in the store, and that’s exactly the case with the latest free games offer.


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Currently, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can access their Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S consoles and claim Deluxe Edition Bomber Crew for their collection. Deluxe Edition Bomber Crew is a WWII-era strategy game about bombers that uses a cartoon art style. The game’s art style may cause some to dismiss it, but reviewers say it has surprisingly deep management features, so fans of these types of games will definitely want to give it a look. All Xbox Live Gold subscribers interested in Deluxe Edition Bomber Crew have until November 15 to get it.

List of free Xbox games with Gold Games for October 2022

  • Windbound (October 1 – October 31)
  • Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition (October 16 – November 15)

Deluxe Edition Bomber Crew joined Windbound as one of the free Xbox games with Gold games for October 2022. Windbound was added to the free Games with Gold range on October 1 and will remain available until October 31. Windbound is a very different experience from Deluxe Edition Bomber Crew, as it is a survival game that takes place on mysterious islands. Its story helps it stand out from other survival games on the market, although Windbound received mixed reviews upon its original release.

As for the next pair of free Xbox games with Gold games, anyone can guess what they will be. Microsoft will most likely unveil the next Xbox Free Games with Gold Games at the end of October, so Xbox Live Gold subscribers should keep an eye out for the reveal.

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