October 2022 PS Plus Free Games Available Now


Sony is releasing the PS Plus free games for October 2022, which lets fans get three games in most regions and some fans get five games.

Sony launches the PSMore free games for October 2022, which means those who pushed back the claim Need some quick heat, Granblue Fantasy Versus, and TOEM as the September 2022 PS Plus free games have officially missed the window. Of course, new games replace those of the same cadence as they do every month.

Sony usually reveals new PS Plus games on the last Wednesday before the first Tuesday of their month, with them releasing that Tuesday. Now For October 2022 PS Plus Free Games Fans Can Claim Hot Wheels Unleashed, Injustice 2and Very hot.


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Hot Wheels Unleashed allows players to collect vehicles in their universe, build tracks and participate in races as exciting as those of September Need heat fast. Meanwhile, Injustice 2 is a DC fighting game developed by the expertise of NetherRealm Studios (the developer of mortal combat, for those who don’t know), and Very hot is a game where players have to manipulate time to fight various enemies. Every PS Plus subscriber around the world can claim these games, but those in the Asian regions have two other games they can claim as well.

PS Plus Free Games List for October 2022

  • Hot Wheels Unleashed – PS5, PS4 (all regions)
  • Injustice 2 – PS4 (all regions)
  • Superhot – PS4 (all regions)
  • Rogue Explorer – PS4, PS5 (Asian regions)
  • Crisis Wing – PS4, PS5 (Asian regions)

PS Plus subscribers in Asia can get Rogue Explorer, a roguelike hack and slash game, as well as vertical shoot ’em ups crisis wing. Both of these games are native to PS5 and PS4 systems, while Hot Wheels Unleashed is the only native PS5 title available in all regions. Of course, all of these games are playable via backwards compatibility, so all PS5 owners will be able to experience all of these titles.

Fans will have these titles until October 31, with the next selection becoming available on November 1. Before that, of course, Sony should reveal and release the PS Plus Extra and Premium titles for October 2022. The model isn’t as defined quite yet, but fans can expect that release around the week of October 17. When it comes to games, everyone’s guess, but there’s definitely a case to be made for some horror games on PS Plus Extra and Premium to celebrate the Halloween season, since free games drop the ball here.

PSMore subscribers receive a handful of free games each month.

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