PlayStation: free games on PC, after a year


In the recent interview with Hermen Hulst, head of Sony Worldwide Studios, which I’ve posted several times in these minutes, I think the live service game developed by Sony Studios and its partners will be released on day one and soon, I think . Two PlayStation and PC versions are expected to arrive at the same time, while one game is accustomed at the same time.

The data is connected to other information that has emerged during these hours and refers to the 12 live projects entering development at PlayStation Studios and connected partners first. The goal of the game is of course to expand the community of gamers and simultaneously launch games on PC and console, which is particularly beneficial in live service type multiplayer games.

That’s not the case with standard single-player games: in this case, PlayStation exclusives stay the same for a relatively long period of time, with Hulst reporting that it will take at least a year to do what it takes to see singles. owners. The PlayStation Studios player is also on PC.

This timeframe is more similar to what we’ve seen for Sony exclusives, although in some cases the gaps were even shorter. Obviously, Hulst is referring to new games coming out on PS5 and PS4. However, there are no re-releases, remasters or remakes for different platforms.

From the same interview, we also learned that more PS4 and PS5 regeneration games are likely to come, as Hulst doesn’t want to forget the PS4 either.

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Carolyn M. Daniel