PS Plus Rumors, Leaks & Predictions: September 2022 Free Games


If we had an hourglass for the month of August, its sand would have already fallen to the bottom. This month’s time is almost up and September is rushing towards us.

Every month, Sony reveals next month’s upcoming free PlayStation Plus Essential games on the last Wednesday of the month. That means we won’t know what’s coming to PS Plus in September until August 31, a week from now.

This also means that September’s first batch of PS Plus games will be released on Tuesday, September 6, the first Tuesday of the month.

In other words, we have time to speculate, scour the internet for leaks and rumors, and bide our time.

Both August PS Plus game bundles have already been released. Both PS Plus Essential titles (here) and PS Plus Extra/Premium titles (here) were pretty awesome, and you’ll want to make sure to claim them before September 6th. Seriously, don’t miss it.

Will the September program be as generous? That remains to be seen.

PlayStation Plus September 2022 Leaks and Rumors

At this time, there are no PS Plus leaks for September, but if there are, I’ll update this post with those details. Leaks have been pretty steady lately, so it’s likely that in the days leading up to the 31st, something will come out.

With no legitimate leaks or rumors to speak of, let’s jump right into the predictions and wishes.

September 2022 PlayStation Plus Predictions and Wishlist

One of September’s biggest video game releases is Naughty Dog’s remake The last of us, now known as The last of us part 1. The remake will have much better graphics and a much worse Joel.

Okay, actually Joel looks a lot better in the new trailer:

Now, given that this game comes out on September 2, I’m almost tempted to say a PS Plus version of The Last of Us Part II would make sense. But the timing is bad. The free game will not drop until 6 days after the release of this one. Honestly, an August release of the sequel would have made more sense to generate hype for the remake of the original. So what else?

Perhaps a more sensible guess would be Modern Warfare 2019 given that Activision and Infinity Ward are releasing Modern Warfare II end of October. Releasing this one for free on PS Plus in September or October would certainly entice more people to play and spark some excitement for the sequel. The game is also three years old at this point, so there’s no doubt that its sales have dried up.

Also, Black Ops 4—which released in 2018 – was added to PS Plus in July 2021. It’s a similar time frame. This is not out of the realm of possibility!

A more likely contender for PS Plus this month may be the open-world furry fighting game Biomutant which releases on PS5 and Xbox Series X on September 6, the same day the PS Plus games release. Two more releases on September 6: Creature Collector MMO TimeTem and The Children of Tomorrow: Phoenix Edition, the latter being exclusively available on PS5 and PS4.

So there is Disney’s Dream Valley of Lights, a Disney life simulation game that will enter early access on September 6. This one is titled Xbox Game Pass, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see it on PS Plus Essential as well.

Other than those, I guess we’ll see some sort of variety with a simulation or strategy game. Talking about that, Train Sim World 3 Also releasing on the 6th and also heading to Xbox Game Pass. It fits.

On the wish list front, I wish Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice grapple-hook its way to PS Plus just so more of you can play it. It’s a wonderful and wonderfully challenging game from the creators of dark souls and Ring Elden, although that damn headless monkey can go suck it.

What games would you like to see on PS Plus next month? let me know about Twitter or facebook.

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