Spell It Out: Old Maps, Toys & Video Games… Turn Them From Trash To Treasure

These days, there’s a market for almost every type of collectible, from dusty, neglected toys to vintage Pyrex pans. Here are some items that can be transformed from trash to treasure:

1. Retro video games

If you grew up in the 1990s, chances are you played video games that are now considered “retro”. Super Nintendo released many limited edition games and Japanese imports at the time that are now worth several thousand dirhams. Even regular titles, like Super Mario RPG, Mega Man X3 and Harvest Moon, which were big hits at the time, now sell for around $600 (2,204 Dh).

2. Polly Pocket

Do you remember those one inch tall toys that would fit in your pocket? This craze of the 1990s has had a second life on flea markets like eBay. A Peter Pan Polly Pocket can easily close at $300 (Dh1101) and loose pocket houses can fetch $250 each (Dh918).

3. Pokemon Cards

Cards from the popular trading game might have been lying around your house in the 1990s and might even be stored in a box in your home today. Complete sets can cost thousands of dirhams today, on shopping websites. And if you have incredibly rare cards, you could pocket tens of thousands of dirhams. For example, recently, the Charizard holograph sold for $11,999 (44,072 Dh). Even if your cards aren’t that rare, make sure they’re in pristine condition and likely to fetch.

4. Pyrex dishes

People love vintage Pyrex for some reason. Butter dishes sell for $225 (Dh826) online and bowl sets are over $300 (Dh1101). So if you have old dishes that you never use, is it time to put them to good use?

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Carolyn M. Daniel