Steam adds much-requested library feature for free games

How a button can change the game.

Steam has been around since 2003, giving us access to tons of games. They have over 30,000 games available for instant download, including plenty of indie games waiting to be discovered. This digital distribution service has also become something of a community hub for many gamers. With spaces like Game Hubs to get together with other people playing the same games or the great chat features that let you chat with your friends, Steam aims to be the best one-stop-shop for gamers. The new feature they added seems small at first, but it makes it much easier to claim some of the many free games and DLC add-ons.

There are several ways to find free stuff on Steam. You can browse their page which collects all the free games, or you can search for the game you want and see the offers associated with it. Steam frequently hosts big discount events, so add games to your wishlist to be notified if they go on sale. Once you’ve found a free game or DLC add-on you want, you’ll see a blue button that says “Add to Library”. That’s all you need to do to add the free game and features to your account!

Again, this sounds so basic, but it took over a decade before this feature was added. Previously, you had to press the green “Download” button. The installation process would start and you have to click on it. Or sometimes the game the free DLC was attached to would launch automatically, which isn’t fun on some slower computers. For example, Monster Hunter: World often has free add-ons for the game listed as different items to collect. Downloading a free add-on of new hairstyles would launch the entire game. It’s a bit complicated, so some players may choose not to claim free stuff in order to save time. With this feature alone, the whole process is much easier and much faster. Nothing will stop you when you add more games than you can play to your account right now.

With tons of new games coming to Steam regularly, this feature is sure to be popular. Plus, it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out with the upcoming Steam Deck. Steam’s new gaming hardware aims to be a convenient way to play your favorite PC games on the go, without a laptop. The portable gaming device is on its way to customers soon, and it will provide a smooth transition between your PC and console by linking your Steam account. You’ll be able to buy games and play easily from your library, so the “Add to Library” feature would also be a great addition. So go ahead and add all the free items you want to your account, even if you never access them!


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Carolyn M. Daniel