Steam is getting a new feature for free games and DLC

A Steam feature that was long requested now seems to have been quietly added. A recent Steam The update has made it easier to claim free games and free DLCs. So now you can add a game to your library without downloading it.

Valve adds “Add to Library” button to Steam

The new update improves the standard green “Install Game”, “Play Game” or “Download” buttons for free games and DLC with a blue “Add to Library”. You can now skip the installation and add free content to your Steam library. However, this week’s patch notes for Steam did not include any information about the new button, so only users who posted their findings online were aware of it.

Free Games on Steam

Previously, you had to run the installer to add the game to the library. You can cancel the installation later, and the game will still be in your library. Even so, this button is a useful enhancement for Steam users, because the previous method requires you to start the installation process to get the free games. This feature will become more valuable as new free games are released. Also, it will come in handy if you want to get free DLC for a game you already own.

Steam subreddit drew attention to the new button. Many people reacted favorably to the news, while others joked that almost 20 years had passed since Steam added this feature. That’s hardly a stretch, given that Valve first introduced the platform in September 2003 and Half-Life 2 was the first game in November 2004.

This functionality is not yet visible on the Steam website and is only available on the Steam application. So take it with a grain of salt. On the other hand, official Steam Joy-Con support for Nintendo Switch controllers has been integrated by Valve so you can play all your new goodies.

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Carolyn M. Daniel