Steam is making a big change to its free games

Popular PC games marketplace Steam is making a big change to the way its users access free games and DLCs by adding a new feature.

Even though competitors like Epic Games Launcher give PC gamers other ways to access their favorite titles, those who use a mouse and keyboard while gaming will almost always have access to Valve. Steam Platform. In addition to offering many paid titles to players, Steam also offers many free games. However, even though free games are something that a lot of gamers enjoy, some of them found it annoying to activate these titles through Valve’s Marketplace.


This was the case where Steam users had to initiate the installation of a free game in order to add it to their library. This would prove annoying for some as they would have to close the window that asked them to install their new game or risk wasting valuable space on their hard drive. However, Valve has since changed the way its users can get their hands on its hundreds of free titles, with a simple new feature that many have been asking for for some time.

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This simple new feature is an Add to Library button found on the Steam Desktop app. Next to any free game, this button will do as the name suggests and add that title to a user’s library. This works for any free version on Steam, including DLCs and titles made free for a limited time such as stealth ninja, a stealth game that was offered in June. For Steam users, this is a great feature, as they won’t have to deal with the annoying pop-up asking them if they want to install a new free game right away.

To some, it may seem strange that it took Steam so long to implement this feature. The Epic Games Store makes it possible to add its free games to the user’s library without the hassle of an installation screen. However, with the Epic Games Store, fans can expect a new free title every week, while Steam doesn’t have such an offer, which means Valve’s platform isn’t as focused on its games. free.

PC gamers often associate Steam’s best deals with its infamous sales. Users often prepare their wallets in the summer, for example, when one of the biggest Steam sales takes place, offering discounts on hundreds of titles. More recently, the Steam Survival Fest kicked off in early August, giving fans a deep discount on some of the best games in the survival genre.

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