The 10 funniest video games, according to Reddit

Comedy is hard to pull off in any medium, especially when it comes to games, and it must have been an even harder task for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy writers, who recently revealed they have no comedy experience. However, they pulled it off, as the Marvel game is hilarious and just as funny as its cinematic counterpart. But GotG isn’t the only fun game released in the past two decades.

While many comedy games don’t hold up, like Larry Leisure Suit Where Duke Nukem, Redditors have reminded users of tons of games that are comedic gold. Between a parody of ’80s movies, the smartest puzzle game ever, and an assassin who uses unique disguises, these games deserve more credit for their comedy.


Grand Theft Auto (2013)

Michael and Trevor as clowns in Grand Theft Auto V

Although it is a third person shooter and an open world game, TheMaireDeHounslow believes that the Grand Theft Auto are among the funniest video games of all time. The Redditor notes, “The whole series contains hilarious stuff, dialogue, commercials, radios, etc. I love the satire.” The last game in the series, Grand Theft Auto Vis as close to a full comedy game as it gets.

Trevor is basically the spokesperson for GTA fans, as he is unpredictable and prone to random fits of rage. Not only that, but Michael’s Son is a parody of online games, supporting characters in and around the Beverly Hills-influenced location, simulating celebrity lifestyles, and the game is full of one-liners from the smallest of NPC. Grand Theft Auto V is as close to a living, breathing city as a video game has ever been, and much of it is social commentary and real-life satire.

Far Cry: Blood Dragon (2013)

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Classic Edition rated for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

Far Cry: Blood Dragon is an interesting entry into the Far cry series, as it is an incredibly immersive expansion of the series Far Cry 3, which is about a group of backpackers who get kidnapped by pirates. But dragon’s bloodon the other hand, is about a cyborg who battles dinosaurs that shoot lasers from their eyes.

Santi76 complaints,”dragon’s blood was so funny. I laughed constantly. So over the top.” While the game would be better if it were open world, as it would be so exciting to sneak across a huge map littered with dinosaurs, few games are as unique and fun as the 2013 version. parody game of classic 80s movies like The Terminatorand there is also a killer soundtrack.

Grim Fandango (1998)

sinister fandango

sinister fandango has one of the most fascinating concepts for a video game, as it follows the titular character, a Grim Reaper, who delivers souls to the afterlife and takes place in the land of the dead. byzantineBobby advises players to “try out the masterpiece Grim Fandango”.

In the 1998 games, Fandango delved into a noir mystery, and there’s no other game that delves more into Halloween and noir aesthetics, but it’s just as funny too. It is in the same vein as beetle juice, ScroogedWhere diabolical death with its inventive comedic horror and afterlife elements.

Goat Simulator (2014)

The goat is projected into the sky all over the map

A surprisingly huge market in the video game industry is that of simulators. There are so many strange ones on the market, be it the mundane farming simulator Where surgeon simulator, which is not for the faint-hearted. But nothing is more random than goat simulator.

JaryMané thinks it’s the funniest game ever and loved its “defying controls and expectations (I went into it thinking it was a legit goat game).” The “simulator” looks more like a Tony Hawk game as all, as players roam a small open world pulling off ridiculous tricks. And one of the most remarkable and difficult tricks to pull off is called “The Michael Bay”. Even better, Goat Simulator 3 just announced.

Dead Pool (2013)

Deadpool breaks the fourth wall of the game Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds made Deadpool his own, and with each subsequent film featuring Reynolds feeling like a PG version of the franchise, actor and character morphed into one entity. But three years before 2016 dead Pool took the world by storm, Nolan North spewed equally vulgar one-liners in the hilarious 2013 video game.

The Olppo Man argues that the funniest video game of all time is “Definitely dead Pool. It’s a non-stop laughter party for about 7 hours. While seven hours is a bit short and the gameplay left a lot to be desired, the game was a great introduction to the fourth-wall-breaking superhero for many gamers.

Portal 2 (2011)

Portal 2 screenshot

Portal 2 is a masterclass in storytelling, as few premise or decades-long stories are told with exposition. Instead, players are given little clues about what’s going on and it creates a haunting mystery. But the puzzle game is also surprisingly funny, and while comedy isn’t its only goal, it beats comedy games at their own game.

Hanebuch note, “After of the portal the jokes were beaten to death, Portal 2 always offered a hilarious script. “The evil HAL-9000-like computer, GLaDOS, hurls hilarious insults at gamers as they fail each and every time. An overwhelmingly beautiful ending song.

The Simpsons: Hit & Run (2003)

Any The Simpsonsbased on the video game will of course be fun, whether The Simpsons struggle or the linking game The Simpsons movie. But the crown jewel of the Simpsons video game series is The Simpsons: Hit & Runwhich is a parody of Grand Theft Autobut it also stands out as a fun open-world game that lets players freely explore Springfield.

CopprRegendt reckons it’s one of the funniest video games of all time, and it’s not much worth playing as Homer as he drives in The Car Built for Homer. As the game reaches its 20th anniversary, a few games are more in need of a complete remake.

The Hitman Series

Agent 47 disguised as a vampire magician in Hitman 2

The Hitman The series has been running for over two decades at this point, and it’s impressively managed to maintain the same tone throughout. One thing that the Hitman the film adaptations couldn’t pin down was the show’s subtle comedy and dry humor, and The_Castle_Vania postulates, “Agent 47 is a comedic genius, who would have thought?”

Agent 47 is one of the smartest video game characters of all time, but he’s completely socially inept. And his robotic dialogue as he tries to convince NPCs that he’s a construction worker, real estate agent, or even a vampire magician is comedic gold.

Bully (2006)

bullying video game

Being a free-roaming game developed by Rockstar, gamers expect bully to be a more PG version of Grand Theft Auto, as players control Jimmy, a teenager sent to boarding school Bullworth Academy. But the game stands on its own with an engaging story and excellent dialogues.

TheKillerDonut puts it best, explaining, “They’re charming and reserved with the writing. The character you play relies on a subtle, quick wit for its humor, rather than over-the-top vulgarity.” Jimmy is heroic in a way few GTA protagonists are, but that doesn’t mean the game isn’t full of comedy and goofy supporting characters. And it’s such a beloved game that fans are still waiting bully 2.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole (2017)

The South Park team dons their Coon and Friends costumes and begins a battle at the Raisins Restaurant

South Park: The Stick of Truth was a surprise hit, and no one expected a South Park game was so great, but it was a sprawling comedy epic that felt like its own season. And its follow-up The fractured but wholeit’s even better. Frodo-jenkins note “I mean, you can’t get past the title without laughing.”

The game’s subtitle is a typical comedy series double meaning, and while any form of media with a joke in its title tends to be low quality, the same can’t be said for The fractured but whole. The game builds on its predecessor, as the world is even bigger, the story goes even deeper, and just as the name teases, it’s full of creative and vulgar jokes.

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