The 9 Best Video Game References

Resident Evil, the Netflix series, arrived on July 14. The first season consists of 8 episodes, with the story taking place over two time periods. The first is modern New Raccoon City, after Jade and Billie with their father, Albert Wesker. The second takes place in a post-apocalyptic world populated by zombies and other warrior creatures, focusing on Jade as an adult.

As a good adaptation, the series takes advantage of the plot to make connections to the ever-popular games, with references to the original game in the form of character names, settlement names, and post-apocalyptic themes. The resemblance is obvious with Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City, Resident Evil 2 and its 2019 remake, as well as Resident Evil 6. These are by far some of the most beloved games among fans, and the latter even caught the attention of the iGaming giant. Skywind, which released its own video slot with the Resident Evil 6 brand to some of the most new popular online casinos.

Let’s cut to the chase. Here are the 10 best references to the Resident Evil video game franchise!

Moonlight Sonata

In one episode, Jade and Billie Wesker lead a scavenger hunt at their home in New Raccoon City. They must then play a piece on the piano, which is none other than Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. This is the favorite composition of the co-founder of the multinational Umbrella, Oswell E.Spencer.

The octagonal shape

The logo of the evil multinational Umbrella takes the shape of an octagon. A form that we find at different times in the series. The earrings worn by Jade Wesker in episode 1 are octagonal. There are also several frames of this shape in the Wesker family home.

The giant alligator

Giant alligators and crocodiles feature in several Resident Evil games. The most striking remains that of the second episode, which must take place in the sewers. The series pays homage to him in the last episodes. A similar creature is sent by Jade on Umbrella and Billie Wesker’s soldiers.

The chemical compound P30

The chemical compound P30 is mentioned several times in the series without being mentioned directly. It allows someone’s mind to be controlled by placing the compound into a Scarab device. Jill Valentine is notably manipulated in this way by Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 5. This is also the case in the series where Evelyn is under the control of Billie Wesker.

Dr Salvador

If you played Resident Evil 4, it is impossible not to remember Dr. Salvador. An opponent crossed quite early in the game capable of killing you with one blow by cutting off Leon’s head with a chainsaw. In the series, the character appears in the prison of the Brotherhood, where Jade Wesker is locked up.

The zombie doberman

The first Resident Evil marked players with the surprise attack of a zombie Doberman who smashes a window in the Spencer Mansion. A sequence was reproduced in the first live-action of 2002. The Netflix adaptation pays homage to this creature from the first episode where Jade and Billie are attacked in turn.

The Arklay Mountains

The mountains of Arklay are a long-standing feature in the Resident Evil universe. This is where Spencer and Lisa Trevor’s mansion is. This location appears during Episode 7 as Albert Wesker travels to Umbrella. He controls his three clones who perform research.

The Red9 pistol

The Red9 is an iconic pistol from RE4 with its antique look. The most powerful weapon in its category appears in episode 4 of the series. Baxter flees during a long shot, slaughtering anyone who gets in his way. And the gun he’s holding is easily identifiable Red9.

Appearance of Lickers

Lickers are easily recognizable with their open brains and long tongues. These creatures are blind but are easily spotted by sound. They appear in episode 3 as Jade Wesker tries to escape from England in a group of immigrants. The opportunity for a breathless pursuit.

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Carolyn M. Daniel