The best free games on Steam to fill any long weekend

Stranded survivors with guns gather around a mysterious glowing green tree in ARK: Survival Evolved.

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Here we are on another happy Friday, so to get your after-work life up and running when you engage weekend mode, I’ve put together a nifty little list of five standout games that are totally free on Steam.

If you’re in the United States, you might be getting ready to turn into your real underwear on the couch and embrace our country’s new three-day weekend. If you don’t know where it comes from, I remind you that from 2021, the United States finally (finally!) recognizes June 19 or June 19, the day in 1865 that federal troops notified enslaved Texans that they were free (two years after their actual release), as a national holiday. Our final long weekend is an opportunity to celebrate and savor black culture and history, and, as with all long weekends, treat yourself to a nice break from the exhausting daily grind.

Even if you’re not in the United States this weekend, there’s still time to figure out how to better support yourself and your peers. I can help you with the latter – here’s my quick list of five fun, completely free games on Steam.

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolvedthe survival game where you can get a stinky poohas dropped its usual price of $29.99 and will be free to download on Steam until June 19.

The gameplay is really just a fantastic episode of Naked and scared that you can run on your computer. You are a failed character who ARKThe website’s description specifically states that you are “naked, frozen, and hungry”, and that you must do all the usual to survive: find and kill dinosaurs with a bow and arrow, use your innate tailoring skills stone to circumvent the housing market. and build a shelter, etc. When it comes to food, you can try your hand at being a foraging vegetarian or go completely cannibalistic and learn how to harvest human meat. Picky eaters are safe here.

If you want to escape the particularly picky eaters interested in your tasty flesh, you can currently get all ARKExpansion cards are also free. Good hunt.

peach planet

Maybe throwing dinosaurs in the eye isn’t your thing. You might prefer to catch a clueless freshwater fish right in its poor adorable face. To that I say, try peach planetan always free fishing simulator.

As American truck simulatora game that is not free on Steam (it’s $5), peach planet is a wonderfully banal and objectively worse interpretation of a real thing that people do in their real lives. Unlike real fishing, you won’t be able to fry your spoils in a crispy fritto misto, or gaze upon a reflecting river and finally feel at home, made whole by nature. Instead, you have to stare at your screen and earn XP for bringing in a few wriggling catfish. But isn’t that beautiful in itself?

There are no entry barriers for peach planet– you don’t need a boat or a buddy – all you need is a PC and the willingness to let free, repetitive play take you to a meditative state. This weekend is the perfect opportunity to get started, you will have plenty of time to chill with the fish.

Crush Crush

The NSFW Free Game Crush Crush do you want to come home after a long day of work on the peach planet pontoon. It’s an idle dating simulator that lets you choose hobbies like surfing and skydiving and work any job you have the skills for like a bounty hunter, professional athlete, artist , whatever you think is the hottest, in order to slowly win the affection of anime girls, who at first don’t like you at all.

You have to click on the girls to generate hearts and make them enjoy your company, just like in real life. You might not want to think about making money to get people to like you when you’re not on time, but it’s actually soothing to juggle all your work with all your irritated girlfriends. Crush Crush. Let’s call the game a bubblegum pink cure for your Sunday fears.

Word Game: Episode 0

Typically the games I play the most on weekends are word games, usually wordle and the New York Times Spelling Beewhich I am very slightly obsessed with. Word Game: Episode 0a free demo, takes the word puzzles literally and puts you in the role of character “I” who solves the puzzles in a very similar to Baba it’s you.

It’s a bit of a copycat but still a fun puzzle game, though you might not want to jump in for the full Play on words for $34.99 unless you know Chinese. This game is exclusively in Chinese, but as Steam reviewers will tell you, it can still be enjoyed without an ounce of linguistic diversity in you. If you want, Episode 0 could be a good way to innovate as a monolingual baby or spend some time immersing yourself in Chinese grammar.

Virtual cottage

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to enjoy a completely work-free weekend, so if you have a few projects to tinker with, Virtual cottage is the perfect companion. It’s more of a productivity companion than a ‘game’ – it involves setting your goal and timeline and displays a cozy musical cottage with controllable rain sounds and a girl writing on a computer as a sign of solidarity. While running, the timer cannot be paused or stopped unless you quit the game, so Virtual cottage is a more immersive, more engaging version of “lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study” YouTube stream he seems to be inspired by.

That’s it for my list. What are you going to play this weekend?

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Carolyn M. Daniel