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With the advent of mind-blowing creative games that not only entertain but actively engage the player, gaming has become more than just an activity to pass the time. It’s an avenue to sharpen your reasoning skills while having fun.

What’s even more exciting is that you can play hundreds of great games for free. All you need is your PC or laptop and a working internet connection and you can download free games. Here are nine of the most exciting games to download for free on Gametop right now.

1. Aquascapes

In Waterscapes, you will discover fascinating underwater landscapes. Make friends with the fish while watching their interactions with each other. The distinct personality of each fish will keep you entertained. You earn money to customize your tank and satisfy your pets by playing a distinctive hidden object game. To make your tank a work of art, choose from a variety of colorful backgrounds and charming decorative elements. Get a free full game download from Gametop.

2. Letters from Nowhere

letters from nowhere follows the story of Audrey whose husband disappeared under very mysterious circumstances. She still has faith that he will return home as he promised. One day, she finds an unsigned letter supposedly written by her husband. Your role is to help Audrey obtain information and shed light on her disappearance. In this free hidden object adventure game, you will find a dramatic and captivating story, many mysterious letters and a ton of hidden objects.

If you are a puzzle lover and want to spend your time deciphering puzzles, Letters from Nowhere is one of the best free offline games available. You can explore more than 30 mysterious locations, including an ancient cemetery, a small town and an artist’s studio. Meet bizarre characters and discover clues. The letters hold the key to solving the puzzles.

3. Family Mysteries: Poisoned Promises

The all-new hidden object game series feels like an exciting playable crime drama. Work with renowned detective Emma Emerson as she investigates a particular drowning case.

Enter a world of lustful elites, seductive women and corrupt cops. Put on your detective cap, gather evidence, interview witnesses, examine samples and find clues to uncover what could be the greatest murder mystery you’ve ever investigated. Download and enjoy this exciting game for free.

4. Time Wave

Have you ever been to Italy? wave of time will transport you to absorb the breathtaking sights of ancient Italy – through time travel. At what price ? No way. wave of time is a downloadable game and it is completely free.

In this captivating hidden object game, your Aunt Miranda has disappeared. Soon after, his image begins to disappear from all photographs. To solve this riddle, you and your friend Mike go to your aunt’s house. There, you encounter a time portal that takes you to Italy in 1468. When you return to your present time after accidentally leaving a modern physics textbook behind on your journey, you find that the world has undergone a significant transformation. The ultimate task of locating your aunt and resetting the timeline rests on your shoulders.

5. Golden Trails: The New Rush to the West

Among the best games to download for free on Gametop is Golden Trails: The New Rush to the West. In this game, a crime has been committed in your city. As a sheriff, you must protect your community from thugs. Find the perpetrators of a bank robbery using your hidden object skills and bring them to justice. Play captivating mini-games while investigating engrossing storylines and getting to know distinctive characters.

6. Motorcycle Trophy Tour

Motorcycle Trophy Tour is exactly what the name suggests – a motorcycle contest with a reward, and it’s free to download. If you are looking for an exciting motorbike racing game then Motorcycle Trophy Tour is definitely for you. Put on your helmet and rev your engine in this intense motorcycle game.

Anticipate unpredictable high mountain terrain, exhilarating speeds and perilous opponents. The goal of the opponents is to get you out of the way in any way possible, so be careful. Upgrade your bike for an improved riding experience, win many challenges and keep progressing!

7. Pizzaiolo 2

On our list of the best free games to download from Gametop is Pizzaiolo 2, a time management game with challenging gameplay and an engaging storyline. You’ll open one store after another, serving delicious pizzas to picky customers. Move the ingredients around the playing field in rows of three or more, then light the pans in Pizzaiolo 2. Try this tasty mix of time management and puzzles!

8. Next stop

In Next stop, your railway company is on the verge of bankruptcy and you must save it. Next stop is a free download game, where you are more than just a businessman (or woman). You can leverage your engineering skills while making critical business decisions. Make stops at each damaged spot as you board the train.

All damaged network components must be repaired and reinforced. You must ensure that you have an adequate supply of the necessary materials and skilled workers to carry out the repairs. Gather rents and tolls as the railroad becomes more operational to run your business. Showcase your skills in this exciting time management adventure.

9. Space Legends

A fantastic sci-fi adventure, Space Legends tells the story of space explorers Elizabeth and Steve, who find themselves trapped in a newly discovered planet of a different spacetime.

To make their situation worse, a collision of comets puts their lives in danger. Before they are permanently trapped on the planet, you will need to discover the location of the spaceship clues and have it repaired. To download Space Legends and many other free games on Gametop.

Download these free games that will make your weekends less boring and more fun. All free games are available for download on Gametop. The adventures don’t end there. Get more thrilling games here at no cost.

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