The Best Free Video Games for PC Gamers


Play on your PC? There are a variety of full games that you can explore for free. Start by exploring the free gaming options that come with an Amazon Prime or Epic gaming account. Just keep them in your game library so you can play whenever you’re ready. However, since there are so many games out there, it’s almost a chore to find one that’s good enough to download.

Since most of the best are paid, it’s quite an investment to pay for an online game. You also wouldn’t want to risk playing an unverified game just because it’s free. Knowing all these difficulties, we decided to compile a list of free video games that you can download as a PC gamer. Keep reading to find your next title.

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1. Fortnite Battle Royale

Let’s face it – there is no good list of games without Fortnite inside. Although you’ve probably played it, it’s still one of the most popular free games available. You will have to play against 99 other players since the winner is literally the last player standing. You’ll need to gather resources, build, and stage gunfights while scavenging for fort-worthy materials.

It is quite addictive and you can easily find matches. It’s completely free, however, there are optional purchases that may give you an advantage.

2. Blade and soul

It is one of the fantastic PC video games that comes with dungeons and raids. You will usually have to crawl and conquer raids to get to the next level. It’s about martial arts and a player system that will help you become an expert in no time. This Korean MMORPG is rich in unique action combat. It comes with very impressive visuals and environments. This makes it a great choice if you like martial arts fantasy. Especially since the fights are well balanced in both PvE and PvP.

Although the start can be a little slow, it picks up at the maximum level, which doesn’t take long to reach. However, if you get bored quickly, dungeons can seem a bit uninteresting. But you can always spice things up by purchasing additional warrior costumes and characters in-game.

3. Fearless

If you like hunting down monsters then this is a great game to download today. In this game, you would hunt down monsters, but here’s the twist – you have to take their parts to craft your gear. When you upgrade with these parts, you can then take down bigger monsters. Of course, it involves having to master weapons but that’s what makes it even more fun.

This game requires an internet connection and you can play with your friends through the multiplayer experience. However, while multiplayer is a fun experience, you can always switch to singleplayer if you don’t have anyone to hunt with.

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4. Destiny 2

Interested in sci-fi games? Maybe you like things about the galaxy and outer space? Then you’d like Destiny 2. It’s a shooter that recently switched to a free-to-play model. Quite similar to COD, you would find yourself in a very action-packed storyline. In this free video game, you have a multiplayer option where you can invite your team. Choose to be an immortal guardian or warrior and eliminate threats from different planets at once. With each successful mission you add to a vault which can increase the number of planets available.

5. Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2)

This free MOBA game lets you choose one of the heroes from 100 characters. After selection, you can take them into battle and use any of their unique powers to make your team victorious. This arena battle game is one of the easiest games to learn and play. However, it requires constant training to truly master it.

Dota 2

Many professional players go after it because of the cash prizes the top players receive. That doesn’t mean you can’t play as a beginner. Luckily, there’s a community, guides, and resources to help you master it. So in no time you would also become a professional.

6. Brawlhalla

Inspired by Nintendo’s fighting game – super smash bros, this PC video game still has that vibe with new twists of course. For starters, you can choose to play a friendly match as a casual player or go hardcore by playing highly competitive matches. Here you enter four-player matches and for every opponent you hit you get a point. There is the option of about six characters that you can choose from. If you want an exhaustive selection, you can also make in-game purchases or choose to use your accumulated game points.

7. Online standby

Eve Online is one of the most legendary MMO games you can play today. It offers a very immersive combat simulation. Here you would have access to tons of cosmic adventures and have to maneuver existing players in guilds to survive. Since most businesses are created by these existing players, it requires social interaction. You will need to engage with other players to advance and eventually build your own over time. This includes crafting, trading, exploring, and even combat.

Although the game is free, it is very similar to World of Warcraft where you have access to certain skills on the free version. To unlock more, you will need to upgrade by paying a monthly fee.

8. Genshin Impact

Released in 2019, this action RPG game is quite similar to Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda. However, it is an improvement as it has a story that makes it a unique masterpiece. Heavily inspired by anime action, you’ll enjoy open spaces and enough combat here. It also comes with multiple game systems. The downside is that you will have to play a long time to unlock other warriors. Alternatively, you can choose to pay for more, which is quite expensive. However, if you like to work, this is a great option.

This brings us to the end of our list. Are there any free PC video games that you like that are not on this list? Share it with us in the comments and we’ll take a look. Also share this post with your gamer friends who would like this.

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